Fossil Fuels

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Fossil fuels are formed from the organic remains of prehistoric organisms, like plants and animals. All fossil fuels take over millions of years to fully form into a usable energy source; which is where the problem begins. Ever since the first usage of fossil fuels back in the late 1850s, the demands for fossil fuels have sky-rocketed to astronomical proportions. Ever since the Industrial revolution, fossil fuels have been used to power nearly everything. The fossil fuels were used to power trains to compensate for a lack of firewood and charcoal. This was also the time when automobiles had to become more affordable to the public, so the demand for fuel continued to rise. As time went on, fossil fuel demands sky-rocketed leading to more excavation for coal and oil deposits. The usage of fossil fuels has led to world that we live in now, but due to our overpowering dependence on them has left the world with a serious problem; when we run out of fossil fuels, what are we going to do?
Another major problem of using fossil fuels is the overall pollution that is produced as a byproduct. In 2011 alone, all the nations of the world produced over 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The continuous use of fossil fuels alone has trapped so much carbon in our atmosphere, that it has form a “greenhouse effect” which has trapped the UVA rays from the sun and they continuously heat the planet, which has led to global climate changes, and even the melting the polar ice caps. This has now caused the ocean water levels to rise, which has, in turn, started to cause even more troubles.
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... to power our everyday things increased. Fossil fuels have done so much for us in the past but the question still remains; what do we do when the planet runs out.
Along with building our world on a limited resource, the fossil fuels also have caused major problems for our environment. Because of the pollution that is emitted by burning fossil fuels, they have led to the major meltdown of the polar ice-caps, and increased the water levels by half-a-foot. Along with destroying the ocean, people have gone to the extreme to mine out coal and oil. People have destroyed forest and mountains to dig out what they are looking for, but just further destroying the atmosphere. With the data that has been collected over the past 100 years, it shows that the average global temperature has steadily increased. As the temperature increases, so did the demand for the fossil fuel.
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