Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fossil Fuels

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The use of Fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, belongs the past. Fossil fuels are natural fuels that are formed when remains of dead organisms pass through episodes of natural processes such as decomposition and disintegration; that exceeded millions of years. Fossil fuels include coal, oil and natural gas; they are categorized as fuels due to their ability to release energy when they undergo combustion. Meanwhile, they are the main source of producing the energy that is consumed by humanity. The scope of this essay will discuss the different advantages and disadvantages of using fossil fuels as sources of energy and alternative energy sources and methods discovered by environmentalists that are more environmentally friendly. Fossil fuels are non-renewable meaning that they can deplete sooner or later. Fossil fuels in particular need millions of years to get formed meaning that we cannot produce…show more content…
They are less expensive than other fossil fuels and can be manufactured easier than fossil fuels and even take less time. They also emit less carbon into the air when they are burned decreasing the effects of air pollution. Additionally, they benefit the agricultural industry, increase self-sufficiency of countries and increase employment too. Conversely, they take up large areas of land that could be used to produce food and also a lot of water for irrigation but they are also expensive to manufacture. Green engines are also substitutes to fossil fuels based engines and they are highly beneficial as they can’t pollute the environment with their emissions and they can include hybrid cars. As bio fuels cost less hybrid cars or green cars have a less maintainer cost. They also are unlimited resources of energy. Yet, green engines are extremely expensive to produce and buy and they also require consumers to buy and change their engines completely, which hinders consumers from making this