The Effects Of Fossil Fuels

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Nicholas Wynn
Mrs. Debes
English 11
16 April, 2014
Running on Empty
Imagine our world when we run out of fuel; society as we know it would crumble: Medicines and Vaccines would not be able to be manufactured, very little crops would be produced because of the lack of farm equipment to plow and harvest fields meaning millions of people will starve, massive wars fought over what little resources we have left and billions would be left without power which means in harsh conditions of our world when our environment is destroyed do to these fossil fuels billions would perish. This is a reality that we could experience soon when we run out of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have become the dominant source of energy for the world, but does that mean we shouldn’t try a less archaic, and dangerous form of energy? The burning of fossil fuels has caused a plethora of problems for mankind and the world. Many medical issues have arose since their use in the late 1800’s, the condition of our environment is pitiful due to fossil fuels, and in recent year the looming threat of a fuel crisis is becoming more and more of reality every day. The only way out is to transition into a post fossil fuel society by using green, renewable energy sources.
Renewable energy are resources which are replenished on a quickly such as sunlight, wind, water, and geothermal heat. While seeming quite modern and new, most forms of renewable energy have been around for hundreds of years: The first hydroelectric plant was built in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1882, later in 1888 the first windmill to generate electricity was built in Ohio by Charles F. Brush. Surprisingly people used the sun to power machinery 32 years earlier, the first solar powered machine was built in 18...

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