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  • Adeline Yen Mah's "Falling Leaves"

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    Adeline Yen Mah's "Falling Leaves" Works Cited Missing For years, the world has been oblivious to the painful, degrading traditions toward women that take place behind the “Bamboo Curtain” of China. Falling Leaves , by Adeline Yen Mah, unveils the darker side of Chinese culture through her eyes as an unwanted Chinese daughter. Shocking mistreatment, of not only the author, but also the females in her extended family keep suspense alive throughout the book. My heart sobs at each account of Adeline’s

  • Chinese Cinderella Adeline Quotes

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    Adeline doesn’t get much support from her family, except for two, Aunt Baba and Yeye. With the constant depressing situations in the book, Adeline has been blessed with two people who actually care. Aunt Baba and Yeye actually want to encourage Adeline to do her best because unlike the other members in her family, they do not treat her as just an unwanted child. In the novel, Chinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Mah, Adeline is greatly supported by Ye Ye and Aunt Baba although out the book

  • Chinese Cinderella By Adeline Yen Mah

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    “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” (Mother Teresa) In Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, Mother Teresa's words of wisdom apply to Adeline's life because she is always by herself with no one to defend her from her harsh parents, mean siblings, and the rest of the world. The memoir features Adeline as a lonely person at home and is unwanted by her parents. The book Chinese Cinderella is an inspiration of how she overcame her problems and succeeded in

  • Chinese Cinderella Child Abuse Quotes

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    “Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure.” — Former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. In the novel Chinese Cinderella, Adeline Yen Mah faces many challenges in her life and shows perseverance. Adeline is very close to failure and is constantly unwanted by her family, but this neglected daughter strives to do her best and perseveres through obstacle after obstacle to find her way. Even though Adeline does succeed at the end of the book

  • Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella

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    “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”(Mother Teresa.) Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah is tale of an unwanted daughter, and how she ends up pulling through in the end of the memoir and being successful. She has been living in fear and neglect her whole life. But even though she suffers many hardships in her life, she takes the pain. Adeline has done many inspirational actions in this book. These are some of those inspirational actions: she tries her best

  • Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella

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    In the book, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, Adeline herself tells her first hand story about how family can affect relationships with other people, and self-esteem. She also talks about how loneliness and abandonment as a child can affect a person's life to a great extent with emotional and trust issues. However, at the end of the book she shows that if she teaches people that if someone have positive encouragement they can do anything, even with negative things that might be happening in

  • Adeline's Chinese Cinderella

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    Chinese Cinderella is one of the most depressing book ever. The book is about how a girl named Adeline's life is it is so stressful for her. Mostly there is a lot of people or animals that die that she loves. Such as PLT and mother Ye Yeand more. I also think it is depressing because she is a hardworker and always gets hurt for something she did or didn't do. Or even didn't mean to do. Adeline's story is depressing because she gets beaten, doesn't get to be with her friends, and her mother died

  • Who Is The Antagonist In The Chinese Cinderella

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    The Chinese Cinderella is a true story of an unwanted daughter by the name of Adeline. Adeline’s aunt is the only person who is not mean to her. This book is very good, but sad at the same time. However, why does her family hate her so much? This paper will tell you all about her childhood. Adeline is the protagonist. She was very nice, but nobody was nice to her. She was in elementary school, but she changed grades throughout the book. She liked going to school and learning. She was a small weak

  • Chinese Cinderella Quotes

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    In the Autobiography ‘Chinese Cinderella’, by Adeline Yen Mah, Adeline has grown to become a much stronger and somewhat wiser person towards the end of the novel compared to how she was at the beginning. However, there are still some areas that she still shows weaknesses because of the way she was treated when she was a young girl. Adeline has grown a lot throughout the novel she has use her relationships with people to help herself stay strong. During ‘Chinese Cinderella’, Adeline discoverer’s

  • Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella

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    Adeline suffered an abusive and mentally destructive life with only two people by her side to help. Aunt Baba and her grandfather,YeYe, supported her and inspired her into who she is today. In the memoir, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, Adeline needs Aunt Baba more than Aunt Baba needs her because she is neglected by Niang and Father, she doesn't like Niang, the boss of the family, and she doesn't have anyone else to love her. Adeline is very insecure and Aunt Baba is the only person who loves

  • Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella

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    “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!’” (Audrey Hepburn). This applies to the style of which Adeline Yen Mah wrote her autobiography Chinese Cinderella to all of its readers. No matter how many people who have read the story and believe it is depressing, they are correct, however, it is also and most importantly, inspirational. Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah is an inspirational story because it shows how Adeline has courage, she steps out of her comfort zone, and she

  • Unwanted Child By Adeline Yen Mah: The Author Of Chinese Cinderella

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    The story of The Unwanted Child Adeline Yen Mah was the author of Chinese Cinderella. She didn’t have the best of life as a young child, she was sent away to many different schools. It was especially hard because her stepmother was always imperiously. Adeline always felt chagrined, because no one really showed that they loved her except for some people. Aunt Baba, Ye Ye, and her cousin Victor were part of the few people who cared about her and who she could be herself around and feel like she belonged

  • Chinese Cinderella By Adeline Yen Mah

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    “ Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” - Swami Sivananda. Only you can create your future and control your success in life. Adeline Yen Mah finds a way to get through her tough life and keep her head up. Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah is an inspirational story. Adeline, abused and treated horribly by her stepmother, rose above her dreadful life. She is an inspiration because she keeps going when she is treated horribly and learns to have

  • Analysis Of Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella

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    Adeline was known as "bad luck" in her family. Her childhood to age 14 was a mix of feelings and a miserable experience for her. People in her family like Niang and Father didn't respect her at all and made her feel horrible about herself. The autobiography , Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, is depressing because the author writes her miserable childhood to age 14. Adeline's guardians Niang and Father don't treat her with respect or love that she is supposed to have. Adeline loved PLT with

  • Chinese Cinderella Courage Quotes

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    Muhammad Ali once said, “He who is not courageous enough to takes risks will accomplish nothing in life.” This quote is important to the story, because it relates to how Adeline took courageous risks to help herself and her peers. In the story Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, Adeline compares herself to Mulan. Adeline courageously stands up for herself while facing many verbal and physical battles. Adeline is truly an inspirational character and will take many risks to protect the things she

  • Adeline Yen Mah's Chinese Cinderella

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    dizzy and my ears hummed...girls like you should be set away. You don’t belong in this house!’ The combination of being slapped and hearing ‘you don't belong in this house’, further diminishes her thought of running away as she is being called to leave creates a feeling that she doesn't belong. The audience is positioned to feel anger towards Niang for her lack of compassion towards Adeline, which reinforces her feelings of not belonging in her family. Adeline’s continual abandonment can be attributed

  • Boarding Schoo Niang Chinese Cinderella

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    In the text “Chinese Cinderella”, Adeline Yen Mah is both a fortunate and unfortunate child. A fortunate child is someone that is favored, lucky, loved, happy and thriving. On the other hand being unfortunate is to be unlucky, poor, cursed, miserable and Adeline is neither. In the text, it is presented that she has had multiple occurrences with bad luck. Continuously it shows that she is unfortunate because her family does not care about her. Due to Adeline having a horrendous childhood shows that

  • The Character of Adeline from Falling Leaves

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    The Character of Adeline from Falling Leaves Adeline is quite a likable character. The reader is encouraged to empathize with her right from the beginning of Chapter 6 of the autobiography "Falling Leaves". The reader sees everything from Adeline's point of view, and the injustice Adeline suffered was very serious indeed; it makes the reader angry and indignant despite the fact that he/she is powerless and could not have helped Adeline in any way. Adeline presents herself as a

  • Adeline Yen Mah Falling Leaves Analysis

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    and unwanted, to boarding school, to self made millionaire Adeline Yen Mah transformed her life. Motifs are sub-themes that support main theme. Authors like motifs to open the readers mind slowly to the idea of the main theme. A few motifs from “Falling Leaves” are that hardships lead to success, family heritage is important, and family makes people who they are. Though all these things seem as though they stack the odds against a person, that person can overcome anything they put their mind to. Hardships

  • An Analysis Of Adeline Yeh Mah's Falling Leaves

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    How was a woman who has experienced nothing but rejection by her own family and abuse, able to do well in life? Adeline Yeh Mah, the author of her memoir Falling Leaves was that woman. From the beginning of her life, she was blamed and rejected by her brothers and sister for the death of their mother. She was bullied by her brother Edgar and was forced to help her sister do her daily task. As Adeline got older the abuse got worse. Her mother remarried a woman named Jeanne, called Niang by the children