Boarding Schoo Niang Chinese Cinderella

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In the text “Chinese Cinderella”, Adeline Yen Mah is both a fortunate and unfortunate child. A fortunate child is someone that is favored, lucky, loved, happy and thriving. On the other hand being unfortunate is to be unlucky, poor, cursed, miserable and Adeline is neither. In the text, it is presented that she has had multiple occurrences with bad luck. Continuously it shows that she is unfortunate because her family does not care about her. Due to Adeline having a horrendous childhood shows that she was an inarguably an unfortunate child.

Adeline was not loved by her family. After her mother died a few weeks after giving birth to Adeline, her family to think she was bad luck, nobody in her family loved her except her Aunt Baba. When her mother died Father remarried and had more children. Father then stopped caring about most of his other children and preferred Niang’s children. Due to Niang feeling animosity toward Adeline and her father not caring at all about his daughter they sent her to a boarding school. The boarding …show more content…

Throughout Adeline’s life, Niang has loathed Adeline. It all started when Adeline stood up for Little Sister. Niang went on a six-month outing to South Shanghai after Little Sister was born, because of the outing Little Sister did not remember her mother, she only new Aunt Baba. They tried to make Little Sister go to her mother but she did not want to go to her. Niang became furious and started slapping little sister. In ‘Chinese Cinderella it states “I knew I should remain silent but words choked me and I felt compelled to spit them out. Finally, I could bear it no longer. Quaking with terror, I blurted out, ‘Don’t beat her anymore. She is only a baby!” After this Niang becomes enraged then screams “I shall never forgive you! Never! Never! Never! You better watch out from now on! You will pay for your arrogance!” from then on Naing’s hatred for Adeline was

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