Who Is The Antagonist In The Chinese Cinderella

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The Chinese Cinderella is a true story of an unwanted daughter by the name of Adeline. Adeline’s aunt is the only person who is not mean to her. This book is very good, but sad at the same time. However, why does her family hate her so much? This paper will tell you all about her childhood. Adeline is the protagonist. She was very nice, but nobody was nice to her. She was in elementary school, but she changed grades throughout the book. She liked going to school and learning. She was a small weak girl that never fought back to anyone. The antagonist was her stepmother, Niang. Niang was the meanest person to Adeline. Niang did not have a real reason for being mean to Adeline. This book took place in China. Jun-ling was her Chinese name, but her American name was Adeline. Adeline’s childhood was very sad. Her mother died two weeks after she …show more content…

At her second school, she had many friends. One day, a friend invited her to a birthday party. She was not supposed to go to anything fun. Instead of going to school she went to the party, but she had to get home before she got in trouble. She returned home earlier than she normally did and Niang asked where she was and why she was so early. She lied and said school let out early that day, but Niang did not believe her. Her friends called her, but her stepmother got the phone before she could get it, so Niang found out about the party. Adeline received a beating that night from her father. At her boarding school nobody was nice to her. They would always make fun of her and talk bad about her. Every Sunday the students’ parents would buy their children a boiled egg, but Adeline's parents never bought her an egg. One day a girl didn’t want her egg so she changed the number on the egg to Adeline’s number. Adeline thought for once that her parents bought her an egg, but really it was the other

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