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Adeline doesn’t get much support from her family, except for two, Aunt Baba and Yeye. With the constant depressing situations in the book, Adeline has been blessed with two people who actually care. Aunt Baba and Yeye actually want to encourage Adeline to do her best because unlike the other members in her family, they do not treat her as just an unwanted child. In the novel, Chinese Cinderella, by Adeline Yen Mah, Adeline is greatly supported by Ye Ye and Aunt Baba although out the book and I do not believe that she would've succeeded without them. Adeline had a very rough childhood, but at least Aunt Baba helps her to get back up when she is knocked down by the people in her family who treat her as unwanted. For instance, one of the quotes in the book said “The truth is that as soon as I had heard Aunt Baba’s footsteps, I had started feeling better immediately. Knowing there was someone who cared for and believed in me had revived my spirit” (Yen Mah 79). This passage from the novel describes how Adeline knows how much Aunt Baba cares for her. Aunt Baba is a huge part of Adeline’s life and …show more content…

However, I do not believe that she would have succeeded without them. a quote to prove that statement is “Mark my words, if you study hard, anything is possible” (79). This shows that with Aunt Baba’s support Adeline is led in the right direction to succeed. Adeline is led in the right direction with the support from the relatives that accept her. Another quote to support my statement would be “I longed desperately to make it up to him. So I said, ‘When I go back to school, I’ll try even harder. And if I should be so lucky as to succeed one day, it’ll be because you believed in me’” (182). Yeye motivates Adeline to do her best in whatever she does. Adeline likes to do her best to make Yeye proud, thus leading into the right direction to succeed one

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