Emergency Room

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  • Physicians in the Emergency Room

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    Emergency room physicians see many incommensurable types of injuries everyday. The six most common injuries occurring in the ER are from trampolines, lawn mowers, playgrounds, swimming pool, bikes, and burns. These kinds of damage are all things that ER physicians could see on a daily basis. From acquiring all this knowledge, I have decided that I want to enter the field of medicine, as an emergency room physician. Granted that emergency room physician jobs are stressful, due to the fact that they

  • Emergency Room Physicians

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    Emergency room physicians are on the front lines in a crisis, caring for everyone from trauma victims to sick kids. An ability to think quickly and care for a wide variety of patients makes them valuable assets at every hospital. It also brings some perks. When sudden illness or acute injury strikes, patients turn to hospital emergency rooms for immediate medical assistance. An ER doctor, or emergency medicine specialist, is a physician who diagnoses and treats illnesses and injuries in a hospital

  • Julie in the Emergency Room

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    class, African American, and a devout Methodist. She suffers from osteoporosis, a disease that causes the bone to become weak and brittle. (1) Julie has also faced anxiety from time to time. On a calm Thursday night, Julie Smith is rushed to the emergency room. She was in the middle of an argument with Rex about what they should do about their rebel teenage son. He had just gotten caught trying to steal a television from their neighbor’s house while they were on vacation. This was not the first time

  • Emergency Room Overutilization

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    Emergency room over utilization is one of the leading causes of today’s ever increasing healthcare costs. The majority of the patients seen in emergency rooms across the nation are Medicaid recipients, for non-emergent reasons. The federal government initiated Medicaid Managed Care programs to offer better healthcare delivery, adequately compensate providers and reduce healthcare costs. Has Medicaid Managed Care addressed the issues and solved the problem? The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Throughout

  • Essay On Emergency Room

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    snake. It was very interesting to see what would come through those doors. The nurses that work down in the emergency room were very helpful and appreciative of the students that would be down there. It was great getting paired up with a nurse that would take time to explain things so that I could get a better understanding of the plan of care for a patient. The paramedics down in the emergency room were also very helpful, encouraging and pushing me to get out of my comfort zone and start IVs. This was

  • Orem's Theory In Emergency Management In The Emergency Room

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    The nursing theories that are currently in place in the emergency room to promote professional growth and development are vital; however, there are other nursing theories that could be implemented to help improve professional growth and development. A theory that should be implemented to more effectively promote professional growth and development is Orem’s theory of self-care deficit. Orem’s theory is considered a “realistic reflection on nursing practice” (McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 146). If the

  • Motivation Of An Emergency Room Nurse

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    Kenisha Miller is an Emergency room nurse at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital in Houton, Texas. During her eduation she was fortunate enough to gain experience as a student intern in the LBJ emergency room; her hard work and dedication during clinical rotaions landed her a full time postion as a Emergancy Room nurse. She graduated with honors from The University of Texas in May 2012 with a Bachalor of Science in Nursing degree after passing the exit HESI exam and the National Councial Licensure Examination

  • Analysis Of Working In The Emergency Room

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    Working in the Emergency room for Norwegian American Hospital was a very memorable experience. Throughout my service I got the opportunity to meet people, hear their stories and provide compassion to them in their time of need. Working in the emergency is just not treating medically treating a patient, but rather connecting with them on a personal level. I have always desired a job that helped people on a medical and social work aspect. The Emergency combines both aspects and through this experience

  • Telemedicine Use In The Emergency Room

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    most hospital emergency rooms, therefore the hospital wants to ensure proper training and use of the telemedicine equipment. The hospital has noted nominal use of the telemedicine equipment even though there has been a rise in neurology admissions through the emergency room. The hospital understands that simply providing telemedicine equipment in the emergency room does not necessarily guarantee proper use. There are concerns that the equipment may not be used due to emergency room personnel feeling

  • Emergency Room Case Study

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    Mondays in the emergency room (ER) are typically busy. Most of the patients contributing to this volume have dealt with a medical issue all weekend, cannot get into their primary care provider or both. Of course, there are the typical emergent patients that have no other choice but to be seen immediately, and they make up the rest of the volume. The aforementioned reasons often cause increased stress and frustration among these patients. So, as an emergency room nurse, it is understood that our