Personal Narrative: The Emergency Room

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A shiver ran across my frigid spine as I stared across the lifeless room that I was placed in. The whites of my eyes sank into the apathetic walls around me, although I could sense a frenzy in the corners of my eyes. Machinery dressed in all-white coats whirred across the bleached halls to protect the bundles they were rolling. Meanwhile, I, a lifeless soul, became entranced by the stench of disinfectant, staring at the pen and paper in my hands. Without the power to enter the hospital room of my mother, I understood that the body of a four-year-old could not withstand the complexity of the real-world—in my mind I knew. My innocence was dyed in convoluted colors. The nightmare of reality struck me as though I were blinded by the light outside of Plato’s…show more content…
As mother rushed to the emergency room, I felt strangely unsettled hinting the change of the meaning of my existence. No matter how many times I begged to visit my mother, everyone told me that it was prohibited. The doctors seemed apathetic to me since they rejected a 3-year-old in the verge of tears. That incident signaled a negative chain of events responsible in the drastic change of my personality. I became antisocial, lost my trust in adults, talked to stuffed animals rather than humans, and became overly independent and mature. Adults around me would gossip expressing their jealousy towards me as I traveled a different wavelength than their children. I drifted apart from my parents as they became busier with work and didn’t have time to help me conquer my psychological insecurities. I was bullied in elementary school for not speaking and was tormented by teachers who didn’t believe me or step in. Soon, I lost my trust in adults and stressed my mental state into hallucinating the false reality of them accepting me if I pushed myself to the limits to please them. Although I was awkward from my trauma, I didn’t fail to meet my parents’ expectations; in fact, I surpassed
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