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Emergency Room Emergency is defined as a serious situation that arises suddenly and threatens the life or welfare of a person or group of people. An emergency department (ED) or also known as emergency room (ER) is a department of a hospital concentrating in emergency medicine and is accountable for the delivery of medical and surgical care to patients arriving at the hospital needing an immediate care. Usually patients will arrive without prior appointment, either on their own or by an ambulance. For my clinical observation experience I went to the Emergency Department at JFK Medical Center. The first emergency nurse I was assigned to was responsible for six beds. When I first arrived the nurse explained to me that she prioritizes her care based on urgency and airway problem. Since the rest of her patients were stable, she went to perform a focused assessment on a new patient assigned to one of her beds. This patient came in because he had fallen in the bathroom. As soon as she was finished assessing this patient, she went to the …show more content…

The nurse confirmed patient identification, asked subjective questions focusing on chief complaints, performed a focused assessment, obtained medication list, baseline vitals, and assessed the patient’s past medical history. She asked the patient questions such as previous hospitalization/surgery, metal implants, allergies, health history, sleep apnea, and alcohol/tobacco use. The nurse told the patient the doctor would be with her shortly. The nurse reported to the doctor regarding the patient and obtained orders for treatment from the doctor. The nurse then started an IV line and hung an IV solution bag of normal saline because the patient was experiencing abdominal pain. The nurse also administered pain medications and the patient was ready to be discharged. The nurse gave discharge instructions and made sure that the patient had a ride

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