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  • Electronic Commerce And E-Commerce

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    Ecommerce Electronic commerce is commonly known as the e-commerce or ecommerce is a type of industry where the buying and selling of products or services is conducted over electronic systems such as the internet and other computer networks. Electronic commerce works on technologies such as the mobile commerce, electronic funds transfers, internet marketing, online transactions processing, electronic data interchange (EDI) management systems and automated data collection systems, modern electronic commerce

  • Article Review: Electronic Commerce

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    Web(WWW)has been providing extensive opportunities for merchants to conduct their businesses online. Electronic commerce is a new form of online exchange in which most transactions occur among parties that have never met. As in traditional exchanges, concerns about trust have been identified as a barrier to customer for engaging in e-commerce and a barrier for the success of electronic commerce. In the traditional market, a typical customer would be limited to choosing from a few local

  • Overview of Electronic Commerce in China

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    3.2 Overview of Electronic Commerce in China 3.2.1 Internet in China In September 1987, the Chinese Academic Network built the first domestic Internet e-mail node and sent out the first e-mail from China. The universities were the first Chinese institutions to connect to the Internet. In 1990, a number of Chinese universities and educational institute including the Ministry of Education were connected. But substantial growth of Internet was not occurred until year 1994, when the National Computing

  • Electronic Commerce

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    Electronic commerce One of the fastest growing industries today is electronic commerce. Almost anything can be purchased, traded, or sold all via the Internet. A person sitting in their living room dressed in pajamas on a rainy Saturday morning in mid December can hookup to the internet and place their bid on a new chess set for the holidays without ever setting foot in the department stores. They can pay for it with their credit card through a secure transaction and have it delivered right to

  • Electronic Commerce

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    Introduction: Electronic commerce is the use of the internet or a network to transfer and use data. It can also be defined as the use of the internet to buy and sell products and services. This can be either through business to business or business to customer or customer to customer. (Investor Words, 2013) With the use of the internet more and more business’ have to find more ways to interact and supply things for their customers. With the big business’ doing this such as Amazon (Investor Words

  • Electronic Commerce

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    Electronic Commerce Initially, the Internet was designed to be used by government and academic users, but now it is rapidly becoming commercialized. It has on-line "shops", even electronic "shopping malls". Customers, browsing at their computers, can view products, read descriptions, and sometimes even try samples. What they lack is the means to buy from their keyboard, on impulse. They could pay by credit card, transmitting the necessary data by modem; but intercepting messages on the Internet

  • Information and Electronic Commerce

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    Information and Electronic Commerce The communication revolution, industrial revolution and now the electronic revolution have all made life easier for us. Electronic commerce is a small ingredient that has helped this electronic revolution get started, but does it really accommodate the entire population? Electronic commerce itself has had a major impact here in the U.S. with both its people and its economy. It has made us look at trading in a different way, besides traditional trading of concrete

  • What is Electronic Commerce?

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    What is Electronic Commerce? “E-commerce has the potential to unleash enormous savings and business efficiencies, but the practicalities remain elusive. How will e-commerce change the global planning and purchasing of transport and logistics in the supply chain? Logistics has been described as the key enabler for e-business – but how can individual logistics and transport companies ensure that they benefit from, rather than perish in, the e-commerce revolution?” Alan Waller, partner, PRICEWATERHOUSE

  • Importance Of Electronic Commerce

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    an era marked with new technologies and electronic commerce. All which, conveniently facilitate the business to business or business to consumer process. Therefore, in this paper, one will further elaborate on electronic commerce and its significance to the business world. Electronic

  • The Importance Of Electronic Commerce

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    Electronic Commerce Sadly, in today’s diverse society various wants and needs must be met. Not to mention today’s economic struggles. All these changes have forced society to evolve. Upon such diversification and economic status, businesses have to re-develop themselves to appeal to today’s consumers, meeting their goals, and remaining cost effective, while complying with mandated laws and regulations. That said, today’s 21st century, also known as the Information age, has evolved into an era marked