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Electronic business or e-business is a whole new way of doing business over the internet in today's society. In today's ever changing environment, people are shopping more and more online, which has opened up new aspects of money making strategies that businesses have built on. E-business has helped businesses grow, or ultimately loose revenue and play catch up. There are several key aspects in which e-business needs to be conducted. E-business can make, or break a company. This paper will reveal the history, successful companies and their strategies, trends, and the current landscape of e-business. E-business can be defined as any business process that is empowered by an information system (Wikipedia). This basically states that e-business is typically done through web-based technologies. It includes transactions, order forms, selection of merchandise, warehousing, availability of products, and descriptions of a product. The history of e-business starts with e-commerce, which is interrelated. With changing technology, comes a new definition of existing words. For example e-commerce was originally defined as the facilitation of commercial transactions electronically through electronic data interchange, which would send electronic commercial documents like invoices or purchase orders electronically (Wikipedia). The new definition of e-commerce is the purchase of goods and services over the World Wide Web through secure servers with e-shopping carts and electronic pay services, such as credit card payment authorization services (Wikipedia). In the early 1990's, when the web was becoming more recognized by the public, many journalist and economists predicted e-commerce to become an economic sector. Once security protocols were in place, a significant number of businesses started developing basic web sites. The majority of the businesses were based in the United States, and Western Europe, but a large number of them disappeared during the dot-com collapse between 2000 and 2001 (Wikipedia). Although a large number of e-commerce companies disappeared, several survived. For example, who's web site is customer friendly and easy to navigate currently offers 4.7 million, books, audio books, CDs, DVDs, computer games, and more ( I have personally bought books from Amazon. Their site is easy to navigate through and very user friendly. The layout of the web site catches ones eye, and almost make a person look at different products, even if they're not shopping for that product. Amazon hasn't always been on top though; it started in 1994 as a online book store making a reputable name for itself, until the tech boom collapsed.
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