Ancient Egypt: The Arab Republic Of Egypt

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Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world that appeared before writing and chronicling history. It was settled by primitive peoples from ancient times back to the Late Stone Age (110 thousand years BC). Egypt is also famous for archeology and art, most notably the pyramids.
Egypt is an Arab country located in the northeast corner of the continent of Africa. It borders Asia. The Sinai Peninsula is located in Asia. Egypt is an intercontinental country. The Arab Republic of Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea with a coast of 995 km. Furthermore, it is bordered to the east by the Red Sea with a coastline of 1941 km. The area of the Arab Republic of Egypt is about 1.002,000 square kilometers. The history of ancient Egypt is one that
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It required many steps. The first step is putting large stone blocks to the height they required. As the pyramid grew taller, the ramp had to be extended in length, and its base was widened, or else it would collapse. It is likely that for the construction of each pyramid, several ramps were probably used. The second step is the internal construction of Egyptian pyramids which consisted of a series of buttress walls surrounding a central core. The walls decrease in height from the center outwards; to be more clear, the core of the true pyramid is essentially a step pyramid. The internal arrangement added stability to the structure. Packing blocks filled the "steps" formed by the faces of the outermost buttress walls and casting block, often made of limestone, completed the structure of the true pyramid.

Egyptian pyramids are some of the famous art in the world. The pyramids of Giza are famous for their size and because they are located near the Nile River, which helped Egyptian civilization to grow. Their famous construction techniques continue to fascinate scholars and archaeologists. The pyramids are important because they are immense significant to the history of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife, so they invested much time and money into building these structures which were a part of that process of moving to the
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