Unemployment In Egypt

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Introduction Unemployment is a major problem that encounters a number of countries in the modern time; as it is considered a result for a lot of deteriorating conditions all over the world. Is a result of many financial breakdowns, capital money policies had to shut downs many firms and factories and to less their employees. Consequently, it leads to many social crises due to the lack of the fundamental providing which the employee gets during work. Logically, governments had to apply certain policies to avoid economic crises and the negative impacts that are left behind financial breakdowns and to protect their people. Egypt is one of those countries that are easily affected by the global circumstances as the. The number of unemployed in Egypt reached 3.1 million according to The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) last week Egypt's unemployment rate has risen to 11.9 per cent in the first quarter of 2011, up from 8.9 percent in December 2010. This figure is the highest in only 10 years. Egypt became in a dire need for finding creative solutions for that dilemma in order to find its way between advanced nations. In order to examine the debatable problem of unemployment, this presentation is going to provide the reader with information about the causes which led to this dilemma. Some of these aspects are the mismatch between education, graduates and training and on the other side the job market. Moreover, the political instability in Egypt in the last three years. In addition, the corrupted policy that dealt with unemployment in the last three decades. Later on, it is going to expose the negative impacts of unemployment in Egypt financially and socially. Then, it is going to present some of the solutio... ... middle of paper ... ...eless communication, automobile mechanics and aviation (Cantor, 1987). Conclusion In conclusion, unemployment has proved to be a major dilemma that attacked Egypt during time. Both government and institutions have to take serious steps to control its reasons as the low limited education, corruption, and political instability. These aspects had passed behind negative consequences such as illegal immigration; the increasing rates of crime and violence and social and family disorder which affect badly the society with all its classes. Many families were shattered due to the impact of unemployment. The whole country has to build a shield against that attack. It has to improve the vocational education system and to encourage private investments to give a chance for new workers. It is for granted that our country deserves more than what we give but trying is always

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