Little Egypt

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Little Egypt There is a place where not far from my hometown, which, since my childhood, still holds the secrets to life. It was a place where we were free. Free to do whatever we wanted to do, say whatever we wanted to say, it was our place, our river. It was a simple place, no paved or asphalt roads for the commotion of busy traffic, no tall buildings to block out the sunlight, no sense of time to feel rushed or anxious, no effects from the outside world. It was a beach on the coast of Lake Sakakawea called “Little Egypt.” I grew up on a small farm just east of Williston, ND, which is located on the far western side of the state. This area of North Dakota is well-known for its beautiful badlands and rolling hills of buffalo grass. Most popular, is the great Lake Sakakawea with its luscious landscapes and sandy beaches of plenty. Recreational areas around the lake are unlimited and always welcoming. The lake was named after the Shoshone Indian woman who had aided the expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark of 1805. The purpose of the expedition was to map the unknown area of the Missouri River and find a possible water route for trade and travel to the Pacific Ocean. Soon settlements were constructed within the valleys of the Missouri River. “Energy sources beginning with hydropower, and later lignite fired generating plants, came into being in the 1940’s and began with the federal government’s construction of Garrison Dam on the ‘Big Bend’ of the Missouri” . The length of the dam expanding over 2 miles had multiple purposes. Farmers downstream were provided with flood protection, the Lake of Sakakawea was formed providing many recreational purposes f... ... middle of paper ... ... a little tired from the events of the day, but we would always leave Little Egypt fulfilled. It never really had to be the sandy beaches at Little Egypt, it was just being together with my two best friends. That was all that mattered. Time stood still when we were together, ten minutes for us three was two hours for the rest of the world. Where did all the time go, I’m not really sure. I am sure that those days at the Little Egypt with Leslie, Becca, and my brothers were some of the best days of my life. Looking at our society and my busy life filled with tests, deadlines, work schedules, and demands for my time coming at me from every direction, I almost with I could go back to that place where time and concerns for the outside world were of little or no consequence. How I love to remember, to relive the memories of my adolescence. My world was perfect then.

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