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  • Marshall Matt Dillon - An Old-West Hero

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    Marshall Matt Dillon - An Old-West Hero In the 1950s the radio program, Gunsmoke, starred William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon. Gunsmoke was set in Dodge City, Kansas between 1872 and 1885, when the Santa Fe Railroad reached town and when the Texas cattle drives were forced to end by local farmers. Known as the Queen of the Cow Towns, the Wicked Little City, and the Gomorrah of the Plains, this little town had the reputation for being a hostile, lawless town where the fastest gun ruled (Gunsmoke)

  • Gunsmoke: Character of the Old West Marshal, Matt Dillon

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    Gunsmoke: Character of the Old West Marshal, Matt Dillon The American West. Full of opportunity and danger. Out on the prairie there was always a need for those that were willing to "serve and protect". No ordinary lawman would do though. The needs and demands that were placed on those in authority during that time called for someone extraordinary. The people in the few scattered cities here and there depended on marshals and their ability to uphold the law. Dodge City was no exception, in

  • U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon as the Ideal American

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    Marshall Matt Dillon as the Ideal American The old-west lawman is an American hero and represents the ideals of American society. He is immediately thought of when one contemplates strength of character and other fine qualities. As an irreplaceable part of American tradition, his characteristics are looked upon as a model to all other Americans. Much of what is known about the old-west lawman comes from stories of fiction one of these being the radio program Gunsmoke. Matt Dillon, a U.S. Marshall

  • Comparing the Personality of Matt Dillon throughout Three Episodes of Gun Smoke

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    In this essay I am going to compare the personality of Matt Dillon throughout three episodes of Gun Smoke. Matt Dillon is the sheriff of Dodge City and throughout these three episodes, with the help of this trustee companion Chester (The Deputy), he is able maintain the law and keep peace in the turbulent town of Dodge City. Matt Dillon right from the start of "Loch invar" demonstrates that he has a rough hard personality. With his harsh quick responses to whomever he meets, to some extent makes

  • Illusions and Reality in The Great Gatsby

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    a wind might catch him and break him up in half an hour. (qtd. in Dillon 53) I agree with Nick when he tells us that Jay probably had the name ready for a long time. Jay couldn't accept himself for who he really was and couldn't accept his history for what it really was. Then it stands to reason that Nick is correct on page 104 when he states: Jay's imagination never accepted h... ... middle of paper ... ...cording to Dillon, even though Gatsby had so much missing he did have one greatness

  • Great Depression Themes in 42nd Street

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    laborer, and Julian Marsh (Warner Baxter) portrays a life-force, Franklin Roosevelt, bringing hope along with his New Deal.     Throughout the film, there is a dichotomy exhibited through the members of the production and the financiers, namely Abner Dillon. He represents the side of competitive capitalism, while the actors stand for a community. The actors identify with each other because they are all in the same situation and each need the job to survive. Abner, on the other hand, has the money to

  • Music Education: A Much Needed and Important Discipline

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    with others. Learning about music is beneficial, because it lets students learn about themselves as they learn about music. Students learn to work together, to use teamwork, and to take responsibility. According to Music Educators Journal, Jacquelyn Dillon-Krass, president of the American String Teachers Association, said in an inter... ... middle of paper ... ... environment for acquiring the skills needed for creative living. Creativity is latent in the human at birth. The environment of the child

  • When the Legends Die

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    reservation with fellow classmates. Third, I will discuss the third part of the book, The Arena. The Arena takes place all over the United States but mostly in the southwest. Thomas Black lives in a one-room cabin in the middle of nowhere with Red Dillon and a man named Meo. Here, Thomas is taught how to ride saddle broncs at a small barn with a wooden chute. Thomas rides saddle broncs all over the country including places like New York, Dallas, Denver, and mostly a town called Aztec. He went all

  • Summary of Now and On Earth by Jim Thompson

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    of Now and On Earth by Jim Thompson Jim Thompson's Now and On Earth tells the story of a family's struggles in San Diego, California. The story was based between 1930 and 1942, which was World War Two as well as the great depression. James Dillon is the main character, he struggles with money as well as his family. He lives with his mother, as well as his wild family who never seems to calm down. James has many struggles, he doesn't make enough money to properly fund his family. They are

  • James Joyce's Dubliners

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    of light and dark. Thesituation of the image of the old man the two young boys come across on their journey. The adventure of the young boys leads to some confusion to what’s happening throughout their adventures. The boys were talking “with Leo Dillon and a boy named Mahony I planned a day’s miching”(13). The boys came up with plans to get out of school for their adventure. The boys headed out towards their destination; throughout their adventure they come across uncertainties. The boys come

  • Escaping the Responsibility in Society

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    of the short stories, each story shows the characters escaping society with their responsibilities through their own type of work. In each story, characters strive to escape the responsibility of work or duty. For example, in “An Encounter,” Leo Dillon and a child name Mahony “planned a day’s miching” (13). This shows how they plan on getting away from the society of Dublin and escaping school. They have a responsibility to attend school that day, however, with them not being there they have to

  • The Western Lawman

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    Dodge County named Matt Dillon portrays many societal roles as he is faced with perplexing situations. Through three episodes of Gunskmoke, the reoccurring theme is that Matt Dillon is the law, the judge, and often the jury. The rise of the west needed a figure of authority and Matt Dillon was that symbol. He was the first person the lawbreakers saw and also the last they wanted to meet. Yeah, weve met Throughout the three episodes of Gunsmoke it can be seen that Dillon is a very knowledgeable

  • The Makings of a Good Lawman

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    The Makings of a Good Lawman Gunsmoke is about the violence that moved throughout the west and the united states marshal Matt Dillon along with his sidekick Chester, who moved along solving the crimes and lending a hand to anyone who needed it along the way. The staring cast of Gunsmoke was William Conrad as Matt Dillon, Howard McNear as Doc, Parley Baer as Chester, Georgia Ellis as Kitty. Usually the west is describes as a time in history filled with outlaws, gun fights, ghost towns, wagon

  • The Stereotypical Old-West Hero

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    city of Dodge. The series is centered around the character of Matt Dillon, who is the U.S. Marshall at Dodge. Each episode is one of his adventures, usually with his fellow helper, Chester, in keeping the peace and bringing justice in the area. Dillon's independence, sense of justice, and keen problem solving ever epitomize the stereotypical old-west hero. No matter what situation arises in Dodge, or the surrounding area, Matt Dillon is able to resolve it most often without the help of anyone else

  • Explanatory Synthesis on Gunsmoke

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    who played Matt Dillon, went on to play in "Cannon", "Nero Wolfe" and the "Fat Man", from "Jake and the Fat Man". Parley Baer, who played Chester, would go on to play Darby in the television show "Ozzie and Harriet", and Howard McNear, who played the doctor, would go on to play Floyd the Barber in the old "Andy Griffith Show" (http://comp.uark.edu/~tsnyder/Gunsmoke/gun-radio.html). Gunsmoke sought to capture the essence of the west and those individuals who would tame it. Matt Dillon was a hard-bitten

  • The Stereotypical Old-West Lawman

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    Old-West Lawman Justice, duty, silence, wisdom, bravery, self-reliance, independence, respect; these are all characteristics of the old-west lawman. Matt Dillon, marshal of Dodge City, is just such a lawman. His sense of justice, duty, and wisdom epitomize the stereotypical old-west hero. In the episode entitled Fawn, Marshal Dillon is charged with a woman that escaped an Indian camp. She is accompanied by a young Indian girl. They are in Dodge till the womans husband arrives fetch her. While

  • Stereo-typical Characteristics of the Old West Lawman

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    Marshall Matt Dillon - Stereo-typical Characteristics of the Old West Lawman The sound of pounding horse hooves and the piercing ricochet of a gunshot break the silence over the radio. As theme music begins to play, an announcers voice is heard, Around Dodge City and in the territory out West, theres just one way to handle the killers and the spoilers, and thats with the US Marshall and the smell of gun smoke. (Radio Spirits) Thus begins the program Gunsmoke, a program in which the hero, United

  • Stereotypical Old West Lawman in the Radio Series Gunsmoke

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    "Gunsmoke." In this series, Matt Dillon, the Sheriff of Dodge City, repeatedly exhibits many qualities, which could be labeled as stereotypical. After analyzing several Gunsmoke episodes, and reviewing the analyses of many others, one trait, which seems to be present in Matt Dillon, is that of invincibility. Matt Dillon shoots the "bad guy" but never gets shot. He is always victorious. He always wins. We can see this pattern exemplified in three diverse situations. First, Dillon always wins a face to face

  • Dillon V. Legg Case Brief

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    Dillon v Legg is an emotional distress claim. The claim is on or about September 27th, 1964: the defendant David Luther Legg was driving his Automobile in a southern direction on Bluegrass Road, close to an intersection called Clover lane in the county of Sacramento. On this date as well the plaintiff Margery M. Dillon’s’ daughter Erin Lee Dillon, who is of young age lawfully crossed Bluegrass Road. The Defendant then hit the plaintiff’s daughter Erin resulting in injuries so severe it resulted

  • The Effectiveness and Success of Parnell as an Irish Nationalist Leader

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    The Effectiveness and Success of Parnell as an Irish Nationalist Leader Parnell was a very influential leader and had campaigned for many different causes but most noticeably he campaigned for land reform within Ireland, this was one of his most noticeable achievements as an Irish Nationalist Leader. Parnell was helped to power by the Land League. This was where the end of the Great Famine within Ireland meant that farmer's incomes fell by a large extent and they demanded the reduction