When the Legends Die

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When the Legends Die


The term setting refers to the time and place of a story or play. There are four different settings in this book. It is like this because the book is divided into four different sections. The four sections are Bessie, The School, The Arena, and The Mountains. All of these sections have totally different settings.

First, I will discuss the first section of the book, Bessie. In Bessie, The setting takes place in a town called Pagosa and in the Bald Mountains. The start of the book is in the town. This is where Bessie, George Black Bull, and Thomas Black Bull live. The town is just the ordinary early twentieth century town with the basic stores and work places. There was a store in the town called Thatcher’s General Store. There is a mill in the town also where George Black Bull worked. The second part of Bessie is in the Bald Mountains. The Bald Mountains are full of aspen trees, streams, creeks, low-lying valleys and wild animals. Some of the wild animals include deer, bears, and mountain lions. The Black Bull Family bathes in one of the many small pools in the creek. The Black Bull family live in a small lodge on the edge of a stone mountain. Their lodge is approximately seven to ten miles from the town Pagosa.

Second, I will discuss the second part of the book, The School. The School takes place on an Indian reservation. Thomas Black bull goes to school in the reservation. The reservation is just like a kind of farm. There are chicken coops, horse stalls, livestock pastures, and crop fields where they make some of their food. Thomas lived in the dormitory of the reservation with fellow classmates.

Third, I will discuss the third part of the book, The Arena. The Arena takes place all over the United States but mostly in the southwest. Thomas Black lives in a one-room cabin in the middle of nowhere with Red Dillon and a man named Meo. Here, Thomas is taught how to ride saddle broncs at a small barn with a wooden chute. Thomas rides saddle broncs all over the country including places like New York, Dallas, Denver, and mostly a town called Aztec. He went all over the world riding for the big circuit rodeo. Also, a small part of the setting takes place in a hospital where he ends up after a severe injury from a horse.

Finally, I will discuss the last part of the book, The Mountain...

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... the better.


I have a few likes about the book. One is that it is about rodeoing. I like to read about rodeoing and watch rodeo shows too. Another thing I liked about the book is that parts of it are about surviving in the wilderness. Most of the books I read are about surviving in the wilderness. One more thing I liked about the book is that it was easy reading. I am a slow reader and the easy reading helped to speed the process up.


I have a few dislikes about the book. My first dislike about the book is that it was full of vulgar language. I did not like the use of vulgar language in this book. I see no need in having it. Another dislike about the book is that it did not have any pictures. Pictures help people visualize what is happening in a story better.


Although this book had no major affect on me, I learned how a boy can go through traumatic experiences and still have the will power to keep going on. That was the only thing that really affected me in the whole book.

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