The Makings of a Good Lawman

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The Makings of a Good Lawman

Gunsmoke is about the violence that moved throughout the west and the united states marshal Matt Dillon along with his sidekick Chester, who moved along solving the crimes and lending a hand to anyone who needed it along the way. The staring cast of Gunsmoke was William Conrad as Matt Dillon, Howard McNear as Doc, Parley Baer as Chester, Georgia Ellis as Kitty. Usually the west is describes as a time in history filled with outlaws, gun fights, ghost towns, wagon journeys along trails, it was a time when people picked up and moved hearing of the next booming city where more gold can be found, more money to be made or the way of life was better than before.

In Gunsmoke Matt Dillon is an independent, compassionate, caring, attentive, and determined person. In The Sutler, Matt Dillon it upon himself as he listens to a friend Mr. Jonas speak about a problem he has had with a man named Dale. Matt Dillon goes to the army fort to speak with the Lieutenant in charge about Dale. He is brushed off but persists in making him understand. In Prairie Happy the people of Dodge are getting ready for the Pawnees to attack. Mr. Chooksberry starts a fire and kills two men. Marshal Dillon Speaks with him and still puts him to bed. Chooksberry went to trial due to his daughter speaking on his behalf Chooksberry was a Pawnee. In There was never a Horse Marshal Dillon was backed down in a saloon by Mr. Ken Creed he is purposefully letting everyone know that he made the Marshal back down.

Matt Dillons sense of self-reliance is that In Sutler he took it upon himself to gather information and created roadblocks along the route to and from the fort in order to catch Dale. In Prairie Happy Marshal Dillon remained calm while the city of Dodge was moving around trying to protect themselves the Marshal was the only one that thought about it and said that only an Indian would know when they would attack and not leave it so that the City of Dodge knew that they were going to attack. Chooksberry never spoke again in English only in Pawnee and Marshal Dillon was still concerned enough to allow his daughter to go to trial with him ; In There was never a Horse Marshal Matt allows himself to look like a fool no matter what other say.
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