Comparing the Personality of Matt Dillon throughout Three Episodes of Gun Smoke

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In this essay I am going to compare the personality of Matt Dillon throughout three episodes of Gun Smoke. Matt Dillon is the sheriff of Dodge City and throughout these three episodes, with the help of this trustee companion Chester (The Deputy), he is able maintain the law and keep peace in the turbulent town of Dodge City. Matt Dillon right from the start of "Loch invar" demonstrates that he has a rough hard personality. With his harsh quick responses to whomever he meets, to some extent makes him seem unfriendly and unsociable to whomever he is talking to. Throughout the three shows we see that Matt Dillon is a man that likes to stay to himself. He doesn't like to respond much to inquiries or comments; it seems like he picks his conversations carefully. For example, in the episode of "Paid Killer", Chester is worried and anxious that walking around at midnight with a full moon could possibly result in a fatality. Chester keeps on making small comments regarding the situation, but every time Chester brings up a point it is resolved with a short brute response. Not willing or wanting to say much, Matt just keeps on walking down the dark street, reminding Chester that if it is going to happen he rather not prolong the sentence. This scene also demonstrated the fact that Matt Dillon hated depending on other people for a course of action to take place. We see him get a little anxious and kind of aggravated, since the power to control the situation is not in his hands. Also, Matt Dillon is the kind of person that no matter what the problem is, whether it is mental or physical, he seems to overcome them no matter what. This example comes from the episode "Loch invar". Here, Matt is playing a harmless game of checkers with the doctor of Dodge City. When it seems like the game is almost over for Matt, all of a sudden he pulls out a move that devastates the doctor and proclaims him the winner of the game. Another way to prove this point, I am going to have to bring up a scene from the same episode but a little bit further into it. This scene is where Matt and Chester return to town from a long day's journey of hunting down a supposed killer, and after looking all day, return with nothing to show for it.

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