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  •   Evaluating a Website for Credibility:

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    Evaluating a Website for Credibility: To evaluate the credibility of a website and support as a credible source for inclusion in a scholarly assignment, the student chose to evaluate The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a component of the Department of Health and Human Services that conducts critical science and provides important health information that protects the nation against dangerous health threats. This website was chosen by the student for a

  • Establishing Credibility In Public Speaking

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    Establishing Credibility Credibility is the quality of being convincing or believable. Ethos is the name used by Aristotle for what modern scholars of communication refer to as credibility (Lucas). Many things can have an effect on any speaker’s credibility, his attraction to the audience and his social skills, Competence which means the audience regards to his intelligence and knowledge of the subject, and his character which also means the audience regards to his speaker’s sincerity for the wellbeing

  • The Lack of Credibility in Homer's Iliad

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    Much of the criticism of Homer's Iliad is focused on the events of the story: the significance of the images, symbols, the role of the Greek Gods, the characters of the story. It seems that many of the critics have forgotten the very important role of Homer as the narrator of the events. His narration undermines the story. He is the medium through which the story is told.  Perhaps the ambiguity of not knowing exactly who Homer is, and the fact that it was an oral story long before it was written

  • An Author's Credibility In The Academic Discourse Community

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    An Author's Credibility In The Academic Discourse Community The academic discourse community has certain expectations about an argument which make the work convincing and credible to members of the community. Before the work is even considered however, the community has expectations of the author. The author must fulfill these expectations in order to be considered credible or convincing. Some general criteria for an author in the academic discourse community include having a voice in the work

  • Increasing Technology and Decreasing Media Credibility

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    materials, as addressed by Julianne H. Newton in her book The Burden of Visual Truth: The Role of Photojournalism in Mediating Reality. This has been done to mostly cut down on costs, but some wonder if it could potentially lead to a decrease in credibility. There has also been a question as to whether this change in how media is presented is something that needs to be done, or if this could potentially lead to misinformed stories. In terms of changes in media presentation, those who are for them

  • Dr. Myles Munroe's The Purpose and Power of God’s Glory

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    see my favorite book, The Purpose and Power of God’s Glory by Dr. Myles Munroe, in a different way. I had never noticed how much Dr. Munroe’s character, authority, and credibility help to persuade the audience by appealing to "ethos". It added a lot to the book by allowing me to see Dr. Munroe’s character, authority, and credibility. I noticed Dr. Munroe’s virtuous character on page nine when he said, "That means that whatever our Daddy got, we got. Everything God ever intended us to be we already

  • Moche Interview Analysis

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    Ben Moche, a Holocaust survivor, was interviewed about his life and how the Holocaust changed his way of living. Grele stated that most interviews are not credible, however Moche’s interview refutes this with the way the interviewer and the interviewee interacted with each other. In the interview with Moche and the interviewee, the questions they asked one another had a positive impact on how they interacted. At the beginning of the interview, both Moche and the interviewer seemed interested

  • Deception

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    unacceptable behavior as it applies to deception in the workplace. Ultimately, the reason for deceiving and the method in which one deceives, through either withholding (omission) or distortion (commission), directly effects the perception of coworkers’ credibility, power, and trustworthiness (Dunleavy, p.241). This article focuses on two different approaches of deception: withholding information versus distorting information, and how that may or may not change employees’ perception of the deceiver (Dunleavy

  • The Presence of Celebrity can Affect and Influence Consumer Buying Behavior Positively

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    According to business dictionary, brand is defined as a unique design, sign, symbols, words or a combination of all of these, to creating an image that identifies a product and to distinguish it from its competitors. A celebrity is known as a famous people or well-known people in certain perspective of field. In detail, celebrities are the people who enjoy high degree of public recognition and awareness by a large share of a certain group of people (Prof. Dr. G. L. Pedhiwal, 2011). According to Kurzman

  • Financial Disparity Among Minority Millennials

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    who have to continually make sacrifices that set them back. To begin the article, Jones starts building her credibility with a personal fact. Then she provides credible sources, she cites convincing facts and statistics, and successfully uses pathos in applying her emotional appeals. On the other hand, when nearing the end of her paper, her biased opinions begin to weaken her credibility. As her report begins, Jones constructs her beginning by describing a personal experience of having to use her

  • Ida B. Wells

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    punishment for a crime or a presumed crime. Ida B. Wells’ back round made her a logical spokesperson against lynching. She drew on many experiences throughout her life to aid in her crusade. Her position as a black woman, however, affected her credibility both in and out of America in a few different ways. Her parents nurtured the background of this crusader to make her a great spokesperson. She also held positions throughout her life that allowed her to learn a lot about lynching. She was fueled

  • Soike Heels

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    Another reason why she was my favorite of the characters in the play is because she played the role of Georgie with the most credibility. For example she was the street girl from Brooklyn, New York and she played her part like if she was an actual Brooklyn girl it looked like she wasn’t even acting the other characters didn’t look as natural as she did. The effortless credibility was not the only advantage that she had over the other characters; her body language was also something that it looked like

  • Abortion Essay

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    article I have chosen is credible because, peer reviewed journals are considered as the basis of academic research and professional knowledge. They present information that is in a clear and concise fashion, as a result leading to a high level of credibility. Also, the care and effort it takes to develop a publishable manuscript means it can be months between the time research is conducted and the results are even submitted for publication (Solomon, 2007). This indicates that time and effort has been

  • Merchants Of Doubt By Helen Longino Values And Objectivity

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    Initial response: My initial response to the question is yes, all criticism is important to the objectivity of science and must be taken into consideration. Philosophical context: To discuss this question I will use “Values and Objectivity” by Helen Longino along with actual studies involving scientific objectivity. In Longino’s work, she sets up the avenues for criticism of scientific work and explains why they are important. Objection 1: One of the main issues with using all criticism in science

  • Is Information On The Net Reliable?

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    computerized era, people should be critical in evaluating any information on the Internet. To support that argument, Oughton gives some reasons. First, he says that information we get from the Internet is not reliable, with no assurance of its credibility. It is really true since people with whatever background of knowledge can write and design nice looking Web sites and it is easy to disseminate any information by using the World Wide Web. Second, he also states, “all information on the Internet

  • Commercials

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    its advertisement budget to increase the value of its brand name. It does so through providing an image of being cool, or an appeal to people’s emotions. Nike also tries to affiliate itself with the best players in all sports in order to provide credibility for the quality of their products in general. In 2002 Nike produced a commercial for the soccer world cup. For this commercial Nike gathered twenty-four of the best soccer players from around the globe to play in a tournament format nobody has

  • Pythia Peay's Soul Searching

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    Publisher's Weekly, and” ( Some of her well-known newspaper pieces include her comments on “reincarnation, dreams, healing, and other spiritual topics” ( Peay’s credibility in this subject is valid by observing her previous record. Along with checking the credibility of an author, a certain audience is always trying to be reached in any piece of writing. “Soul Searching,” is geared towards any U.S. citizen that lives in a metropolis. Although th... ... middle

  • Essay On Media Literacy

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    Lance Walton Dr. King MCOM 3330 January 30, 2014 Media Credibility Report In simple terms, Media Literacy can be defined as how we consume and understand the media around us. That is a simple definition as there are more factors and qualifications to call yourself media literate. Media Literacy is not only how we understand our media on the surface but also how we understand it inside and out. It’s not only knowing the “Who?” but the “Why?” and “How?”. Once you have a high standard of media literacy

  • Pros And Cons Of Social Media Essay

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    from a large name company. Both sources did value surveys as a high point of evidence in their claims on the topic of social media and if it should be banned in certain circumstances. One reason why the academic journal would be higher up on the credibility scale would be because they took information straight from the horse’s mouth, in lack of better terms, while Smith took it from sources, which leaves plenty room for error for the words, data, and numbers to get turned around or completely

  • Category Entitlement Essay

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    to a certain category. This extract is an example of category entitlement and credential presentation because Chambers has the ‘badge’ of ‘Professor’ that puts her into the category of being an academic. This device works to establish the texts credibility because with category entitlement comes connotations. Certain categories carry typical connotations, for example having the title Dr. carries positive connotations of intelligence, where as being overweight carries the negative connotations of laziness