Essay On Media Literacy

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Lance Walton Dr. King MCOM 3330 January 30, 2014 Media Credibility Report In simple terms, Media Literacy can be defined as how we consume and understand the media around us. That is a simple definition as there are more factors and qualifications to call yourself media literate. Media Literacy is not only how we understand our media on the surface but also how we understand it inside and out. It’s not only knowing the “Who?” but the “Why?” and “How?”. Once you have a high standard of media literacy, you will understand the media that surrounds you everyday. Media literacy is important in so many facets of our daily lives. The Internet is something that we use everyday and to be media literate will help you navigate and understand the content better. There are many websites that present information about a specific topic. To be a reputable website, it should meet a certain criteria. If you are not media literate, you will not know what to look for and could find your information blindly. I chose the topic of “How to save money when booking international flights”. This topic is an important one for the reason that many people do this on a frequent basis. Many websites flood your screen when you Google this phrase. Many websites claim they have answers, which they might have, although it might not be ones you can trust. Distinguishing websites without even opening them will save you time and also headache. Excellent Source Throughout all the sites that I was presented with, I found an article on the New York Times. The article is called “When to Buy That Plane Ticket”. Important information to consider when evaluating creditability is their history. The New York Times started printing in 1851 and has one a total of 112 Pulitzer... ... middle of paper ... ...e is talking about saving money. Webjet never listed any sources but instead, promoted their product while providing the information. Being media literate is very important when viewing information online no matter what topic you are reading about. This skill is very important when you are reading information about how to save money in any realm. You want to be confident in the content you are reading. Several factors go into establishing this confidence like what has been listed in this paper. This paper opened my eyes into being media literate with all the media around us. We need to find media that is trustworthy and credible so we can know what to trust to help us throughout our lives. Excellent Source: Poor Source:
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