Dr. Myles Munroe's The Purpose and Power of God’s Glory

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Appeal to Ethos in Dr. Myles Munroe's The Purpose and Power of God’s Glory The rhetorical term "ethos" allowed me to see my favorite book, The Purpose and Power of God’s Glory by Dr. Myles Munroe, in a different way. I had never noticed how much Dr. Munroe’s character, authority, and credibility help to persuade the audience by appealing to "ethos". It added a lot to the book by allowing me to see Dr. Munroe’s character, authority, and credibility. I noticed Dr. Munroe’s virtuous character on page nine when he said, "That means that whatever our Daddy got, we got. Everything God ever intended us to be we already have---virtually infinite potential hidden inside these earthly bodies. God created us to have dominion over the earth; anything less squanders our potential." Dr. Munroe is an incredibly well-educated man, but because he worded things in such easy terms I did not feel like I was "over my head" in material that was too complex. It would have been easy for me to feel inadequate in comparison to his intelligence, but instead it made me feel that he had a warm, caring personality. Dr. Munroe’s character was also obvious to me on page ten when he said, "Human beings are God’s representatives on earth. He created us in His image. We are not fake imitations. We are genuine masterpieces "painted" by the hand of the Master Artist. We are not counterfeits but the genuine article. No other creature in all creation has that distinction. Sin has distorted God’s image and hidden it away under a lot of worldly "junk," so we are hard to identify as "God’s originals." He has the power to dig down and cut through the junk to expose the glory---the telltale characteristics of His hand---that hides in each of us. He wants to display us as the masterpieces we are." I found this to be a testimony to his character because it was so empowering. It was edifying and encouraging, things that do not come from someone without good character. Dr. Munroe’s authority also added to the appeal to "ethos". On page ten he said, "After all my years of Bible study, seminary training, preaching, and teaching, and after all the books I have read, I have come to the conclusion and conviction that nothing is more important than the glory of God." Knowing that Dr. Munroe devoted so much time to this subject made me view him more as an authority figure than I would have if the book had been written by someone with less education on the topic.

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