The Evolution of Cosmetics

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“ The most beautiful make-up for a women is passion “. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” –yvesainlaurnt What this quote means is that passion is the most beautiful thing for a women but yet women are neglecting passion with the easy access to wearing make up. I always loved make up as a child because I will always have the memory of my grandma putting lipstick on me. I decided to do my senior project on the Evolution Of Cosmetics. I researched about where cosmetics originated from .The history behind makeup, discussing if all cosmetics are good for your skin, who cosmetics usually is targeted towards, peoples opinions about whether makeup should be tested on animals, The possible consequences of expired cosmetics, just all around about cosmetics.
I decide to do my senior project on this because this topic interests me and is practically used in my daily life. I love cosmetics and the way it can enhance your look. Cosmetics evolved from Egyptians. Many Egyptians tombs contained makeup and kits. Cleopatra used lipstick that got its hue from ground carmine beetles, while others used clay mixed with water to color their lips. They used these products to enhance their beauty and for them not to look so tired.
A thought came to my head, I thought are all cosmetics really safe for your skin? It’s a question for all makeup users. What’s really in your mascara? Do you know what your really putting on your lips? Well I’ve done some research and came to the conclusion that there has been more and more hazardous chemicals lurking around in your favorite beauty products and skin care. There may be mercury in your mascara, or Endocrine disruptors in your lip-gloss. The FDA is looking into certain cosmetic brands to make sure they are healthy...

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...Evolution Of Cosmetics is progressing and still continues to do so. Whether people like wearing cosmetics or aren’t into wearing it is a part of materialistic American culture and different ethnicities.

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