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Top cosmetic brands like: Mac, Maybelline, Avon and Clinique bombard the market. It is reported that “An estimated 1,282 tubes of lipstick and 2,055 jars of skin care products are sold every minute” (“Beauty in the mind and wallet of beholder,” Minnesota Daily Online, March 7, 2001). Everybody wants to own these products in order to look beautiful. But do cosmetics enhance your beauty? According to the Encarta dictionary, cosmetics can be defined as “beautifying substance: a preparation that is applied to the face or the body to make it more attractive, e.g. lipstick (often used in the plural)”. There are many contrasting views whether persons should wear cosmetics or not. Persons should not apply cosmetics on their body or face (Thesis statement) because it does not enhance your inner beauty but covers your natural beauty given by God and it is considered as a sin to hide this blessing according to Christians. It is ethically wrong to wear makeup, persons may get the wrong idea about you if you wear too much cosmetics especially men and some cosmetics when applied have side effects such as acne that can be long lasting. (Points for argument)
Firstly, the use of cosmetics as a beautifying tool does not enhance your inner beauty but only hide the natural appearance given by God. Low esteem persons may have the view that they are not beautiful according to society’s context and may applied cosmetics to cover up this “defect” according to them. However, they are not aware that by wearing cosmetics they are committing a sin according to Christians. The bible addresses issues of wearing cosmetics is a sin which is addressed in Jeremiah 4:30, Verse 30 which states that “…though you deck yourself with ornaments of gold, though you rente...

... middle of paper ..., an Eye Cosmetic from Nigeria — Boston, Massachusetts, 2011”. The most common side effects associated with cosmetics is acne. Studies conducted by the Brown University also show that, “The use of greasy cosmetics can also lead to acne because they plug your cell follicles and promote bacterial growth”.

In conclusion, persons should not use cosmetics because it is regarded as a sin according to the bible; persons may have negative ideas about you and may sometimes lead to rape. Finally, cosmetics have side effects that can be long lasting.

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