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  • Continuing Education

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    student graduates the Radiologic Technology Program their education is not exactly over. Radiologic Technologists (R.T.) are required to continue their education after they have graduated by collecting Continuing Education Credits. One may gather these through The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) and The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Within the realm of Continuing Education, professional’s continuing education involve specific learning activities generally characterized

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    best support continuing education of nurses Nurses are the largest group of workers in health sector (Lowson, 1986) and nurses are the only group in this sector that is expected to provide same level of service in hospitals throughout year and as they work closely to patients they are expected to be expert and competent.(Ofosu, 1993) Continuing education and training are required not only for re-licensure and certification but for knowledge and career growth of nurses. Continuing education and training

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    Continuing education (CE) for nurses is a critical component of providing optimal patient care. Continuing education includes both formal education and CE hours. Research has shown nursing education levels are positively correlated with better patient outcomes, improved safety, decreased morbidity and mortality, less medication errors, and decreased practice-related infringements. According to Linda Connor, a PhD Nursing student at the University of MA, only 14% - 17% of practice is currently

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    knowledge and experience in creating lessons and curriculum. As I continue to add the tools necessary it’s important for me to realize some of the most important resources available to me are my fellow teachers. Their prior experience and years of continuing education truly is invaluable. It is my hope that my youth and fresh perspectives can aide these teachers when we collaborate. The encouragement of teacher collaboration is important in creating higher levels of instruction. This is very exciting for

  • Continuing Education: Market Driven or Student Centered?

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    Continuing Education: Market Driven or Student Centered? One enduring controversy in continuing education is whether programs should be market driven. The controversy has some connection with the pervasive image of the marginality of continuing education in higher education as well as the concept that continuing education programs must be self-sustaining. As Edelson (1991) says, "This principle of having to pay its own way is the single most distinguishing feature of American continuing education

  • The Importance Of Continuing Education In Nursing

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    Nursing is a knowledge-based discipline. Continuing education is essential for to keep nursing as a profession. Continuing education will enhance knowledge, to provide an optimum care for the patient. To strengthen the base of nursing obtaining BSN will provide you with in –depth knowledge of better skills for decisions making, planning and evaluating patient’s outcome. Patient care is the main key component of the nursing practice. Emphases on higher education will helps in advanced nursing provide

  • Continuing Medical Education Case Study

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    Medical schools now recognize the need for training beyond lectures and in classrooms and are making the move to allowing students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge by other means. Continuing medical education providers are doing the same and now offer a wide range of professional activities designed to allow health care professionals, including pharmacists, to obtain the credits they need using a variety of formats. With the help of these flexible pathways, health care professionals

  • 7 Steps to Selecting a Continuing Education Class

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    connect education and future employment. If something is not applicable to the job and does not represent practical knowledge, people tend to be less interested. However, once the connection is made, they tend to go deeper in the desired field and explore all of the possibilities. On the other hand, adults also tend to look for ways to connect their previous, sometimes even informal experience, with their current one. Here are the steps to take to select the best value in an adult education class depending

  • Dental Continuing Education

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    Dental continuing education can be almost like continuing-on to college or university. Not because it is there, but because one wants to. Medical doctors may not want the sometimes-boring rounds of measles and chicken-pox, and so opt to be a specialist in various serious diseases. A general surgeon might want to specialize in hearts more closely, so trains-on to be a heart-surgeon. There are equally as many paths a dentist can go down with further education. Learning how to educate people in aspects

  • Mandatory Continuing Education Essay

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    Mandatory Continuing Education The evolving health care and health care professionals across the world highlights the significance of continuing education as a priority to further improve the knowledge and the efficiency of safe practice. In contrary, the implementation of mandatory continuing education programs increases the amount of stress and head turns just as much as the improvements on its specific goals. In this paper, the purpose of mandatory continuing education programs and its advantages

  • Importance Of Continuing Education In Nursing

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    Continuing Education and The Future of Nursing. Healthcare is never at a standstill, it is forever changing. Major changes will continue to evolve the industry as advances in medicine are discovered. As these changes happen it is important for nurses to stay current in the field to deliver quality care to their patients. Nurses can stay current within the profession by taking continuing education courses and returning to school. Part One Continuing Education. Continuing education (CE) classes

  • Continuing Professional Education in Nursing

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    1.0 Introduction The phenomenon of continuing professional education has been globally recognized by all professionals as a primary method to top up basic professional education regularly. In the 21st century, the scientific discoveries, technological advances and increasing demands from the society have influenced the need for continuing education for professionals. So to keep practice relevant and future orientated, professionals need to keep updated with currents trends and issues so they don’t

  • Practical Nursing Case Study

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    key characteristics of professional nurses: knowledge from continuous education, autonomy, and positivity. Out of all other characteristics for professionalisms in nursing, those three were the most remarkable features found from the some of the great nurses observed from the clinical sites. Potter, Perry, Stockert, and Hall (2015) point out several characteristics of the profession which nurses possess. Continuing education is one of the top components pointed out and

  • Continuing Education-RN to BSN

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    face change, and views education as preparation for the future (Altmann, 2011). Nonetheless, returning to school can cause disruption, which may lead to feelings of self-doubt. Developing coping strategies helps to alleviate these concerns. Personally, the decision to continue my nursing education revolves around my job. As an advocate for the mental health population, I want to become a leader who influences the future of mental health services in our region; education will help me achieve these

  • Nike

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    naturally set up for. The minimum age requirement also prevents teenagers from dropping out and taking on full time jobs at Nike. Philip H. Knight knows people respond to incentives, principle 4 of economics. So he established loan programs, continuing education for employees and increased wages. These incentives are good for a company to give their employees. If the employees continue with their education’s and still decide to work for the company, the company has made a good investment with an employee

  • Software Engineer

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    for some of the more difficult jobs. As technology advances, employers ask for new skills. Computer software engineers must continue to learn such skills if they hope to remain in this field. To help them keep up with the technology changes, continuing education and professional development seminars are offered by employers and software vendors, colleges and universities, private training institutions, and professional computing societies. How can I get a computer software engineering certification

  • Alternative Medicine and the Christian Responsibility

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    the governing body of a physician's actions, then we must admit that no doctor is obligated to broaden his views and seed treatments with which he is not already familiar. However, every year doctors are required to fulfill certain requirements in continuing educatio... ... middle of paper ... an open mind about many of the forms of alternative medicine may reveal new forms of beneficial treatment that can save money and even lives. Each Christian scientist has the responsibility to seek morally

  • Lifelong Learning: Continuing Engineering Education

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    Lifelong learning is developing a new skills or knowledge through lifelong, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of education for professional reasons or personal purpose. In other words, lifelong learning is the process of one educating oneself from early childhood to late senior years. A lifelong learning idea represents that, people learned by their selves, in groups, and from each other. Also, they learn by making real model solution to new products where we have to apply our skills and they

  • The Importance Of Skills In Nursing

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    and working collaboratively, it has also outlined practical examples of these and how they are important in day to day nursing. In conclusion, from the evidence and the standards set by the NMC, these skills and attributes are a crucial part of continuing life-long learning and nurses should strive to continually develop and improve these.

  • Aspects of Materiality: A Continuing Education Report

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    Introduction The concept of materiality provides a topic for continuing educational discussion that many firms across the country find essential to the development of their audit staff. Measuring and using materiality to obtain desired results during an audit becomes the responsibility of the staff member of a CPA firm. Partners and managers of a firm typically allow the staff member to use his/her judgment when applying this concept during the fieldwork of an audit. The overall success of an