The Importance Of Continuing Education In Nursing

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Nursing is a knowledge-based discipline. Continuing education is essential for to keep nursing as a profession. Continuing education will enhance knowledge, to provide an optimum care for the patient. To strengthen the base of nursing obtaining BSN will provide you with in –depth knowledge of better skills for decisions making, planning and evaluating patient’s outcome. Patient care is the main key component of the nursing practice. Emphases on higher education will helps in advanced nursing provide nurses with critical skills for complex patients, good communication and leadership skills to best outcome of the patent. Research has shown that nurses prepared at the baccalaureate and graduate degree level can lower mortality rates, fewer medication errors,…show more content…
A 2-year-old child admitted with head injury and the doctor’s order was there to do the Glasgow coma scale hourly. Doctors and nurses explained everything to the mum and the importance of doing GCS. When time passed after midnight because of GCS the child couldn’t fall in to sleep and mum feeling distressed, then mum asked the nurse (diploma) who is looking after the kid to skip hourly observations. The nurse (diploma) checked with the doctor on call for neurosurgery and he explained to the nurse to advice mum the importance of hourly observations. However similar situation with different nurse (Baccalaureate degree), when parents asked to skip the hourly observations she has explained them in detail consequences for not doing observation and parents realized the importance to continue observations for their child. The difference is diploma nurse did not try explaining to the parents again, but BSN nurse with her knowledge explained and taught the parents about the seriousness of head injury observations. She did not need the doctor’s reassurance to talk with parents. Degree nurse new the rationale behind the care
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