Continuing Professional Education in Nursing

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1.0 Introduction

The phenomenon of continuing professional education has been globally recognized by all professionals as a primary method to top up basic professional education regularly. In the 21st century, the scientific discoveries, technological advances and increasing demands from the society have influenced the need for continuing education for professionals. So to keep practice relevant and future orientated, professionals need to keep updated with currents trends and issues so they don’t practice obsolete practices that have been emphasized as ineffectiveness.

According to Chong. M. C et al (2008)., continuing professional education in health care disciplines is accepted as an essential part of professional practice due to the fact that there is a rapid changes in structure and culture of health care industry. Furthermore, in order for nursing profession to meet professionalism, it need greater skill, higher education and life long learning. Knowledge acquired through basic professional education has a half-life of about 2 years and the end of that period, whether knowledge acquired from their basic professional education will become outmoded or obsolete. Basic education for practice becomes obsolete within 5 years of graduation and the obsolescence can cause nurses to do poorly and lead to client disability, continued illness and even death of clients. So that nurses need to update their knowledge and skill continuously.

The others statement from James P. Smith (2006)., facilities for advanced basic and post-basic nursing education within institutions of higher education are becoming increasingly commonplace throughout the world.

Besides, Kim Usher (2006)., also add with the statement about nursing education wo...

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...ICT to promote continuing education. Support more tertiary nursing education through on-line learning. Initiate more innovative teaching and learning method such as blog, reflective community and accessibility of e-library.

5.0 Conclusion

Advancement in nursing education and involvement in continuing professional education aims at achieving professionalisation, these strategies able to help in meeting the challenges of professionalisation through learning update knowledge and skills and to improve professional competency. Nurses need to be educated at a higher level in order to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills that will empower them to practice innovatively, creatively and autonomously. Nurses should gain more knowledge to update and upgrade ourself and never stop learning because the more we gain more knowledge and more people will respect us.
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