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Nike is a huge supplier if athletic shoes for the world these days. Philip H. Knight, the founder of this corporation came up with an idea of an athletic shoe at the track field of the University of Oregon. Now it has become a leader in the global economy. Nike has helped the economy by employing more than 500,000 people, worldwide. The company has contributed in finding a positive policy for minimum wage. Minimum wage laws usually don’t help who they’re originally set out to. Now with Nikes’ minimum age requirements it helps those it was naturally set up for. The minimum age requirement also prevents teenagers from dropping out and taking on full time jobs at Nike. Philip H. Knight knows people respond to incentives, principle 4 of economics. So he established loan programs, continuing education for employees and increased wages. These incentives are good for a company to give their employees. If the employees continue with their education’s and still decide to work for the company, the company has made a good investment with an employee who already has a familiar background with them already. The employee benefits also because they furthered their knowledge and wages with the company. Nike is in a very competitive market, they are definitely not a monopoly by no means. They’re are many buyers of shoes and now the market has quite a few sellers too. Adidas, Sketchers, Puma and Tommy ...

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