The Importance Of Skills In Nursing

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Within nursing many skills and attributes contribute to a knowledgeable and well rounded healthcare professional, a key concept is of the individual as a lifelong learner which is defined as the process of continuous learning which spans a nurse’s professional life time (Jarvis, 2004). Previously once nurses had been registered they would be fit to practice and no longer be required to further advance their skills, now however the NMC requires mandatory updates to nurses knowledge and training in order to make sure the best and up to date care is provided (Oxford Handbooks in Nursing 2012). Two key skills this essay will explore are communication and working collaboratively. Communication includes at least two people engaged in a meaningful exchange to express facts, opinions and information, using both verbal and non- verbal methods, which can be written or face to face (, 2010).Working collaboratively requires, equal treatment of all colleagues and the ability to exchange relevant skills and experience with other professionals when appropriate for the treatment of the patient (Barton and Le May, 2012). The essay will subsequently explore these two skills and attributes in more depth and look at how they are used in lifelong learning as a nurse. An attribute is something which is genetically inherited or innate (, online), communication is considered an attribute because it’s present at birth and cannot be acquired only improved (Oliphant, 1999). There are two main types of communication, verbal and non verbal. In verbal communication, words are used to convey messages and feelings using different tones, rate and volumes (Kraszewski and McEwen, 2010). In verbal communication questions can be us... ... middle of paper ... ...’t communicate well as important issues can be missed, for example a patient may be dangerous to staff when they are in their own home therefore can only be seen at the GP’s surgery (Edwards, 2010). Working collaboratively assists with lifelong learning as the nurse becomes familiar with other professionals, especially those with other skills, expertise and knowledge, which can enhance the nurse’s experience. Overall the essay has explored two key skills and attributes required to be a successful nurse, these are communication and working collaboratively, it has also outlined practical examples of these and how they are important in day to day nursing. In conclusion, from the evidence and the standards set by the NMC, these skills and attributes are a crucial part of continuing life-long learning and nurses should strive to continually develop and improve these.
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