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  • Essay On Consideration And Consideration

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    or promise is called a consideration for the promise, is how consideration is defined according to Section 2(d) of Contracts Act 1950. Without consideration a contract will not occur. Therefore, it is very vital for consideration to exist to form a contract. Consideration is related to a Latin phrase “Quid Pro Quo” which means a party gives or receives something in return for something the other party gives. This means, for a contract to be valid… Examples of consideration include money, promise

  • “Past consideration is no consideration”

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    a moment that they are forming contracts; these can be formal or informal, oral or written. In English Law consideration is one of the three main areas of an enforceable contract. It may be defined as an act, forbearance or promise made by a single party that constitutes the price for which the promise of another, is bought. In simple terms, the basic understanding of consideration may be seen as a ‘give and take’ tactic between two parties. Occasionally there may be misunderstandings made

  • Comparing Executed Consideration and Past Consideration

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    DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN EXECUTED CONSIDERATION AND PAST CONSIDERATION Consideration is one of the three main building blocks of a contract in English contract law  and it is the exchange of benefit and detriment e.g., the making of a promise in exchange for an act or it can be anything of value such as an item or service which each party to a legally-binding contract must agree to exchange if the contract is to be valid. If only one party offers consideration, the agreement is not legally a binding

  • Consideration Of Contract Law : The Doctrine Of Consideration

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    This essay will examine the subject of consideration in contract law. In doing so it will examine how and why the doctrine of consideration was initially used and how it has developed over time; by analysing how economic duress has come into play and developed over time to fill in the gap on whether consideration in a contract is sufficient or where one of the parties is threatening to terminate a contract unless the other party agrees to their first party’s demands and where the second party has

  • Contract Consideration

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    discussed in the class, the topic consideration has greatly drawn my interest and I got eager to find the appropriate meaning of Consideration in accordance to the Indian Contact Act (1872). The meaning of the term consideration is defined in Section 2 (d) of the Act is somewhat different from how the word ‘Consideration’ is understood in ordinary parlance. In this response paper, I seek to explore the specific manner in which the Contract Act defines ‘consideration’ and how such a definition fits

  • International Considerations

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    name, is a global system of computer networks. When a website is published to the internet it is available to an international community. TWRF has a published website; however there are many considerations before it is ready for international use. TWRF is a nonprofit organization, so additional considerations, such as their mission and exemption status, will need to be evaluated with direction from the Board of Directors before pursuing a full blown international plan. International eBay auction

  • Diversity considerations

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    Diversity Considerations Diversity is a very controversial issue. It involves culture awareness and certain perspectives particularly pertaining to an individual’s upbringings or surroundings. Public service deals with different professions including public defenders, courts, and labor unions and so on. Diversity is the key to public service values, social stability, and open-mindedness. Furthermore, culture can have an effect on individual’s values, perceptions, human behavior, and interpersonal

  • Drown: A Consideration

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    In Drown, a collection of short stories, author Junot Diaz presents readers with an impoverished group of characters through harsh, but vivid language. Through the voice of Yunior, the narrator throughout the majority of the stories, Diaz places the blame for Yunior’s negativity and rebellious nature on the disappointment caused by his father and the childhood illusion of America. Diaz, through language and symbolism, forces readers into an emotional bond with Yunior while exposing the illusory

  • Consideration In Contract Law

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    Contract Law 1 a.) Consideration within contract law means that a seller promises to provide goods in exchange the buyer will provide money. This is sometimes referred to as “the price paid for a person’s promise”. A definition for consideration was set out in the case of Currie v. Misa (1875) LR 10 Ex 153 it was defined in the following way: “A valuable consideration, in the sense of the law, may consist either of some right, interest, profit or benefit accruing to the one party, or some forbearance

  • Personal Consideration for Others

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       We all live in the one society. Nobody can exist alone, and everything we do will directly or indirectly affect each other. From this point of view, transposition thinking and personal consideration for others contribute to the harmonious coexistence between people.    Personal consideration for the sake of others helps you develop good character. Because transposition thinking for others, sometimes asks for your sacrifice of own interests, time, energy or other aspects. Especially in today's