Personal Consideration for Others

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We all live in the one society. Nobody can exist alone, and everything we do will directly or indirectly affect each other. From this point of view, transposition thinking and personal consideration for others contribute to the harmonious coexistence between people.
Personal consideration for the sake of others helps you develop good character. Because transposition thinking for others, sometimes asks for your sacrifice of own interests, time, energy or other aspects. Especially in today's society that various social problems emerge in an endless stream, most of the people around tend to care for only their own interests. To eliminate the egoistic thoughts, to put yourself in other's shoes, and to think of others, it really requires certain tolerance and a good attitude. Therefore, if we can learn to care for others, not only can we provide convenience for others but we also become such a warm-hearted and broad-minded person.
In fact, in many cases, you do good deeds for the sake of others, but also for your own sake. Do you know how many germs are in human bodily fluids? Saliva, which is produced in the mucous membrane of the lips, inside of the cheek and tongue is responsible for the transference of many germs and diseases. It's studied that those with less saliva in their mouths can have up to four times more disease causing bacteria in their mouths than people with normal levels of saliva. Some diseases that can be transferred include mononucleosis aka the kissing disease, cold, flu, Hepatitis A, B, and C, and polio in less developed countries. It has been rumored that HIV/AIDS could be transferred via saliva. Later, the message was fortunately proved to be false. With so many diseases lying in saliva, it doesn’t only...

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...s of unsavory public excretions. The economic effects of cleaning up the waste contribute to promote the relative legislative activities.
In interpersonal activities, we should not only learn to be considerate to our family and friends, but also to the strangers. We need to eatablish the opinion "All for one and one for all". We emphasize paying attention to the needs, wishes, or feelings of other people; and those people are not limited to only your acquaintances. To treat everyone equally and considerately may be really difficult to accomplish, we can try to do less things selfish instead. For example, we shall try not to carry smelly foods when in a crowded tube.
In fact, personal consideration for others is not that hard. As long as we share a little more, care for others a little more, and sacrifice a little more, we can finally get a win-win consequence.

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