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  • Computer Dependency and Addiction

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    Computers have taken over our lives. Computers are great things, and are very useful in everyday life, but they create distractions, which just makes us stay closer to computer rather than from the computer. In our modern day world, computers have absolute importance all around us, at work, at schools, at malls etc. It is impossible to run away from the devices and we’ve become so attached on it that we can’t do things on our own now. For example, say you were doing some homework and you couldn’t

  • Computer Addiction

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    pitfall many have fallen victim to is that of computer addiction. Computer addiction can be defined as the obsessive use of computers that interferes with daily life. This addiction has been shown through many activities over computers such as video gaming, chat rooms, and net surfing to just name a few. In order to truly understand what computer addiction is one must understand the symptoms and motivations that lead one to become addicted. Computer addictions have been found in every race, gender, and

  • Computer Addiction

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    Computer Addiction Have you ever thought how much time do you spend using on a computer in a day/week? Computers are as common in numerous households around the world. People from all age groups are learning to operate computers and anyone who has worked with computers for long periods of time knows that computers can be just as addicting as drinking every night of the week. Take further, Computer addiction can have a number of physical, social, and psychological effects on a person, and it is

  • Society's Addiction to Computers

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    technology, computers have developed to be the leader of the world. Increasingly, computers are playing more roles in helping people to remember a friend’s birthday or maintain relationships with others. Therefore, they have contributed positive to the development of relationships and improvement of the general knowledge of the society. Critics however argue that the society is becoming progressively more dependent on computers. In this essay, the arguments for the dependency on computers will be presented

  • The Negative Effects Of Addiction To Computer Games

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    When I was a child, my parents allowed me to play computer games. I find that permission eventually made me ruin my study and life at school. I could still recall my first-time play at my 15. I was extremely curious and excited at that moment. At the same time, I started to be addicted to playing computer games. I totally lost control of my life by playing computers games like alcohol or drug addicts. To many people, addiction is a dependency on a substance, activity or behaviour which affects

  • Negative Effects of Computer Addiction to the Academic Performance of Engineering Students

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    What is computer addiction? Is it bad? How does it affect the academic performance of engineering students? And how does the students adapt to this kind of addiction? Computer addiction is excessive use of the computer which leads to serious negative consequences for personal, social, or on the behavior of an individual. A study made by Block (2008), stated that "Conceptually, the diagnosis is a compulsive-impulsive spectrum disorder that involves online and/or offline computer usage and consists

  • Computer Addiction in De La Salle Lipa

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    will be in, completely. So, computer games." This is a quotation said by Danylo Ishutin or better known as “Dendi”. He is one of today’s most famous professional DOTA 2 gamer. It’s about how he escapes from the problems he have in life by playing computer games. In the late 20th century, our view of using the computer and the internet is slowly changing. As time pass by more and more are being obsessed with the computer. Computer addiction is the excessive use of computers to the extent that it interferes

  • Computer Addiction

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    Computer and internet have become daily features of our lives. Some people have displaced work, school, friends and even family with computer. When too much time is spent on the computer that it reaches a limit where family, social relationship, school and work life is interrupted, that people may be caught in addiction. Like any other addiction, computer addiction had replaced the importance of life with internet. Computers are bad for your health and decrease attachments with your true life.

  • Why Society Became Too Dependent on Computers

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    The dawn of the computer age allowed society to live in a life with great demands; and the very strong desire to meet these demands are well experienced. While people tended to aim for convenience and the ease of living, the emergence of these computers come a very handy solution. The speed, reliability and easy access of these four-dimensional machines and gadgets allowed life to be as easier as possible. Used in trade, at home, government processes and even schools and basically reaching to every

  • Computers and Their Impact

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    Computers and Their Impact The extreme increase in the use of computers has drastically changed the lives of many people. Computers, as Sherry Turkle in "Who Am We" discussed, initially were used as simple calculators, but through the years they have come to be valued as more than simple machines (442). "The computer has gained new qualities, it is not only used as a calculator, but now it entails simulation, navigation, and interaction" (443). With the increase in computer usage, comes new software