The Internet: The Positive And Negative Effects Of The Internet

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In today’s society, everyone is surrounded by technology. With this technology we can access the internet via smartphones, laptops, tablets, and anything that has a wireless connection capability can access the internet. The internet provides people with an “ever-changing source of information and entertainment” (Internet and computer addiction 3). The internet has made lives easier by “making information more accessible to all and creating connections with different people around the world” (computer/internet addiction, symptoms, causes and effects 1). However the internet can negatively affect your life when it causes “you to neglect your relationships, your work, school, or other important things in your life” (Internet and computer addiction…show more content…
Some positive effects of social networking have a “better information and knowledge access, interactive involvement, and improved world awareness” (social networking: advantages vs. addictions 6). Without this vast range of information and knowledge, children today would not get the proper education that they need. With social networking increasing every day, young adults are now able to go online and expose themselves to what is happening outside in their community. The internet now allows people to be able to keep track of what happening around the world daily. It is important that everyone knows what is going on outside of their own lives. Social media and the internet may also help people with socialization. Adolescents that are introverted “can actually gain social skills by using social media” (top 10 ways social media affects our health 13). This is because in most cases, shy individuals young or old, feel safer behind a computer screen because the person is not there in front of them. The negative effects of social media are very serious compared to the positive effects. Social media is very addictive. This is because people use the internet for “distraction and boredom relief” (top 10 ways social media affects our mental health 5). People also tend to log onto social media because it gives people positive reinforcement. Social media also makes people compare themselves to others. In a recent survey “51% [of people] said it was negative behavior” because they couldn’t compare their lives to others (top 10 ways 6). As more teen use social media, there has been a rise of cyberbulling. On a recent study, “95% of teenagers who used social media have witnessed cyberbullying, and 33% have been victims themselves” (top 10 ways 8). There has been a rise of cyberbullying because of the ease it is to target people on the internet without the risk of physical harm done to them. Teenagers have also
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