The Internet's Affect on Socialization

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The Internet's Affect on Socialization In our modern society, technology has impacted out lives in almost every aspect imaginable. Our life style has become one of the new eras, dealing substantially with strands of new technology each day. Today, many households contain at least one personal computer. The simplest things have all changed in account of newer, better, faster, and more efficient forms of advanced technology. A primary focus can be taken alone on the impact computers have had in our changing world. To narrow the scope further, I have analyzed the impact that the Internet has had upon people, and their lives. The Internet is a conglomeration of worldwide networks linked together, which we as users have public access to. In the beginning the Internet consisted of “four main computers linked together, which they called the ARPANTET”(Shelly-Casham, 7.3). Today, the Internet ranges across the globe, containing information far beyond that of which it’s creators ever imagined. To date, the Internet contains information on almost any subject ever imagined. Advantages of the Internet are its speed, capacity, and low cost. These characteristics are the ingredients to the reformation of our society, as technology advances, people have become more eager to receive the most possible, in the least amount of time for the lowest amount of cost. The Internet has allowed our world not only to expand, but also has added some unique twists to the world we now live in. Today, our society has entered the “Information Superhighway”. This name is commonly associated with the Internet, as it is the beginning of something that has never been seen before. One can get information and pass it along to someone else in a mat... ... middle of paper ... to be. The complete impact of the internet is difficult to assess, because it is still changing, but “in fact, one of the things that may be lost in the unending stories about the internet, Internet companies and internet users, is that this is really a revolution- but like must truly major changes, it is a revolution measured in decades, not weeks and months, and no one, including the most direct participants, really knows how it will change our lives” (Reynolds, 273). Bibliography: Works Cited Kendal, D,, Linden, R,, & Murray, J. (1998). Sociology in our times:the essentials. (410,210, 35). ITP Nelson: Scarborough Reynolds, J. (May 5, 1999). The internet: a changing community. The Toronto Star. B5. Shelly, R, & Casham, D. (1998). Computers 98. (2nd ed). Sanderson Press: New York www.disorders/net/
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