Addiction To Video Game Addiction

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With the growing market of electronics that are for convenience or for pleasure sometimes people over use them. One of these electronics in particular that are making people addicted to them are video games. Video games have been around for over thirty years, and in the last fifteen years it has grown largely. There are more ways for people to play video games verses in the past. Games are everywhere from smartphones, tablets, computers, consoles, and even some workout equipment. Some people can say that they are not addicted to video games and just say that they are just a casual player. While other people that are actually addicted to video games would deny it and sometimes become angry. One way to help with video game addiction is to remove the games from their area. Video game addiction has become a new issue in recent years. Some say that you can’t be addicted to video games because you are not taking a substance into your body like alcohol, cocaine, or heroin. Although others say that their friends or family members are playing too much games and are addicted to them. Video game addiction is proposed form of a compulsive use of computer, mobile, and console video games. Addicted users can …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that video games have been around for over thirty years, and in the last fifteen years it has grown largely.
  • Explains that video game addiction is a form of compulsive use of computer, mobile, and console video games.
  • Explains that video game addiction is similar to substance addiction and can corrupt someone's life. chris staniforth, 20, died from his addiction to video games.
  • Explains that being addicted to video games can cause financial troubles, as the country's economics are low, and the price of the games is high.
  • Explains that playing video games improves basic visual processes, attention and vigilance, and executive functioning. fifty hours of action video game play improved visual contrast sensitivity to distinguish subtle differences in shades of gray.
  • Explains that video game addicts can make money by playing video games. is the fourth largest website in the us in terms of peak traffic.
  • Concludes that video games are harmful to an individual who becomes addicted to them.

It can be harmful enough to corrupt someone’s life. An example is from the United Kingdom where 20 year old Chris Staniforth died from video game addiction. Chris would play his XBOX all day every day for long 12 hour sessions without breaks. He wouldn’t even get up to walk around or stretch to keep his blood flow normal. After one of his 12 hour gaming sessions playing Halo Chris developed a blood clot in his legs that traveled to his lungs killing him instantly. His addiction to video games caused him his life just like people who are abuse substances. Chris’ need for nonstop video game playing caused him to stay stationary and not wanting to move from his position which ultimately led to his

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