Colorado Essays

  • Exploring the State of Colorado

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    Colorado is a beautiful and historical state; the wide open plains, the glorious tall mountains, the history of its people that have shaped Colorado into what it is today. There is a lot to explore and learn when it comes to the Centennial State. Because of its history, Colorado is considered to be the meeting ground amongst three sections in the American West; the Atlantic Coast and Mississippi Valley, North and South, and Massachusetts and Virginia. These sections have shaped and developed the

  • Travelers and Tourism in Colorado

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    Colorado is such a beautiful state. It brings in a lot of outsiders but not only for its beauty, but for its history as well. Travelers and tourists have been visiting Colorado since before the 19th century. However, during the 19th century, the development of Colorado boomed greatly because of its iconic people and the fact that so many travelers and tourists enjoyed seeing Colorado. The people contributed to making Colorado history more appealing to tourists so the state really emerged. Tourism

  • Water Rights in Colorado

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    Water has long been a controversy in countless places worldwide and Colorado is no exception. The water rights in Colorado involve different stages within the Prior Appropriation Law; the senior and junior water rights. Senior water rights are privileges that were the first to be issued on unappropriated streams in Colorado and are to be filled before the junior water right holders. Junior water rights are similar to senior water rights, but are filled after the senior water holders take their allotted

  • The Rocky Mountains In Colorado

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    The Rocky Mountains are one of the earth’s most remarkable landscapes, providing an abundance of biological resources to Colorado and other surrounding states. The Rocky Mountains in Colorado create headwaters that provide 4 regional watersheds, Colorado, Rio Grande, Arkansas, and Missouri (South Platte). These watersheds help supply water to nineteen Western states. In addition to water, the Rocky Mountains are a source of mineral deposits, oil shale, forests, and recreational attractions that

  • Colorado Research Paper

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    Colorado is the state I am doing. Why you ask? I am doing Colorado because most of my family is from Denver, and I just wanted to learn more about the state. While doing research about my state I learned a lot so I am excited to go tell my relatives what I learned. I learned the big things about Colorado, landmarks, state symbols, etc. So if you want to learn about Colorado, this is the paper for you. Landmarks Colorado is a state of many landmarks, but I will

  • Colorado River Restoration

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    Introduction The topic of this literature review is restoration of the lower Colorado River Delta; the review will focus on pulse water flows as a method of restoration. Pulse flows are planned water releases from dams following years of water and sediment buildup behind dams. Hydrologist and advocates of pulse water releases believe that by adding water to a dry system, they can restore riparian areas by germinating native plants and providing habitat for endangered species. Furthermore, these

  • The Colorado State Patrol

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    When formed by legislation in 1935, the Colorado State Patrol was created to “…promote safety, protect human life and preserve the highways of this state by the courteous and strict enforcement of the laws and regulations of this state relating to highways and the traffic on such highways” (CRS 24-33.5-201). Originally named the “Courtesy Patrol,” over the last 76 years the Colorado State Patrol has evolved into a comprehensive and complex law enforcement agency, without forgetting its original mission

  • Wyoming-Colorado Border Wars

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    Wyoming-Colorado Border Wars Deep in the heart of the American West lie two of the largest, most rugged, beautiful states in the nation, both of which have long been engaged in a heated rivalry. North and South from one another, Wyoming and Colorado have been at a border war since before either even gained statehood. With 97,195 square miles, Wyoming is the 10th largest of all 50 states. While the state is vast in land, it is scarce in population. As of 2005, a mere 509,294 residents inhabit

  • Descriptive Essay On Aspen Colorado

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    Aspen Colorado is an extremely one of a kind city that pulls in individuals from everywhere throughout the world to its wonderful environment. Among the perfect shorelines and title fairways, a young person can discover numerous engaging areas. One such zone can be found in downtown Aspen on Fifth Road. . Whenever i visit aspen I frequently end up spending numerous evenings on Fifth Road, strolling along the tree-lined boulevards or sitting in one of the various bistros or eateries. One of my most

  • Exploring the Geological Wonders of Colorado

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    Kate Lonadier Mrs. Fowler 2017SPGEL-111-NDY1 5 March 2017 Colorado Geology Report Within Colorado’s borders lies the home of 104,185 square miles of geology. Within those 104,185 square miles you will find many different types of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. Colorado is split into five physiographic provinces: the Middle Rocky Mountains, the Wyoming Basin, the Colorado Plateau, the Southern Rocky Mountains, and the Great Plains (“Physiographic,” 2013). Inside these provinces

  • The Colorado River

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    One of the largest geographic physical structures in the United States is the Colorado River. Human activity and its interaction with this great river have an interesting history. The resources provided by the river have been used by humans, and caused conflict for human populations as well. One of these conflicts is water distribution, and the effects drought conditions have played in this distribution throughout the southwestern region. Major cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego

  • Cripple Creek Miners Strike In Colorado

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    Cripple Creek Miners Strike: At the end of the 19th century, Cripple Creek was the largest town in the gold-mining district that included the towns of Altman, Anaconda, Arequa, Goldfield, Elkton, Independence and Victor, about 20 miles from Colorado Springs on the southwest side of Pikes Peak. Surface gold was discovered in the area in 1891, and within three years more than 150 mines were operating there. As the silver miners came into the gold mines they caused a lowering of wages. Mine owners

  • I Love the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

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    heart is and my heart lies in the mountains. Ever since I took up skiing I have fallen in love with the majestic size and beauty of mountain peaks. My love for the mountains was heightened when my family took a vacation to Colorado. Seeing the dominating peaks of the Colorado Rockies was simply awe inspiring. The mountains capture me with four key aspects: animal life, skiing, size, and beauty. The problem I run in to is deciding where my home truly is. Is it the tranquility of the Whites, or is

  • Colorado Springs: A Military Family's Paradise

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    place we end up. Outdoor enthusiasts, like most military families are, make Colorado Springs a desirable duty stationed. The perfect location Colorado Springs has. The weather offers many clear, beautiful days, allowing Colorado Springs to be a playground to enjoy most of the year round. Many points of interest and vacation sights that can be done in or around Colorado Springs make it a favorite in the military community. Colorado Springs burrowed at the base of Pike Peak, which declares their majesty

  • The Deterioration of the Colorado River

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    The Colorado RIver is best known for being the principal river of the southern United States and Mexico, but it soon could lose that title. Running about 1,500 miles long, the river is a vital source of water for agricultural and urban areas in the southern desert lands of North America. However over the past decade or so, the river has begun to deteriorate. There are many causes and solutions to the deterioration of the Colorado River. The Colorado River is formed by small streams created by a huge

  • The Colorado River Basin Drought

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    Americans today tend to believe that the Colorado River drought has been a recent occurrence, although drought relief strategies have been implemented since early 1997. To summarize, in the book The Colorado River Basin Drought Planning and Organizations, Colorado is named as the original state to acquire a drought relief plan. For instance, various assume water levels are diminutive in the Colorado and blame is due to the previous ten years of drought throughout the United States. Although it is

  • Colorado Water Supply History

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    The Colorado River starts in the Rocky Mountains and cuts through 1500 miles of desert canyon lands of seven US states and two Mexican states to supply water the southwestern US [1, 2]. From early settlement, the basin states have debated and reassigned the water rights to the river; however, all the distribution patterns lead to excessive consumption of the resource [2]. In 1922, the seven states signed into the Colorado River Compact, which outlined the policy for the distribution rights to the

  • Essay On Colorado River

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    Jeff Leone The Colorado River “Don’t waste that water! Kids in Africa don’t even have water to drink!” Almost every American has heard this saying before. We have heard this because there are water shortages in third world countries like Africa, as seen in the movie “Blue Gold”. But why have we developed this notion that there are only water shortages in third world countries? When in reality, there is a shortage of water right here in our home country. The Colorado River’s water is high in demand

  • Colorado River Hydrosphere

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    Colorado River Hydrosphere A case study of * River management * People interfering in the hydrosphere * Balancing water from one area to another The Colorado river - basic facts It flows through southwest United States and northwestern Mexico. It is 2334 km (1450 miles long), the longest river west of the Rocky Mountains. Its source is west of the Rocky Mountains which is the watershed in northern Colorado, and, for the first 1600km (1000miles) of its course, passes through

  • Volunteering at the Colorado State Fair Lost Child Center

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