Travelers and Tourism in Colorado

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Colorado is such a beautiful state. It brings in a lot of outsiders but not only for its beauty, but for its history as well. Travelers and tourists have been visiting Colorado since before the 19th century. However, during the 19th century, the development of Colorado boomed greatly because of its iconic people and the fact that so many travelers and tourists enjoyed seeing Colorado. The people contributed to making Colorado history more appealing to tourists so the state really emerged. Tourism has led Colorado to great lengths and still to this day, Colorado brings in many travelers and tourists.

Colorado was viewed as a place to visit and live in because of the climate, scenery, and promise of good health to its people (Abbott, Leonard, Noel, 2013, pp. 227). Tourism in Colorado has evolved immensely and has helped form Colorado into what it is today. Before anyone could realize Colorado’s potential as being an iconic tourist place, in the 1860s, journalist began to view Colorado differently. They began to notice Colorado’s scenery and they slowly recognized Colorado’s potential for evolution and development through tourists and travelers (Abbott, Leonard, Noel, 2013, pp. 223). Many people sought good health while they were sick and since the journalists really started to see the value of Colorado, they really made its climate stand out and become more appealing to those who were sick, mentioning the great benefits the climate would have on poor health. One-third of the state’s population consisted of people that were once sick (Abbott, Leonard, Noel, 2013, pp.229).

Colorado quickly became a tourist’s destination instead of being a safe haven for sick people. By the 1870s, Colorado was becoming more user-friendly, especi...

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...rt herself. She began washing miner’s clothes in Central City. She established a solid ground for herself when she met Lorenzo Bowman. He was an entrepreneur and gave her the opportunity to gather and save up $10,000 in her name. She was known for her generosity in helping African Americans move to Central City, using the money that she had saved up (Abbott, Leonard, Noel, 2013, pp. 217). Her significance was important in Central City as she helped build Central City through population.

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