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Colorado is the state I am doing. Why you ask? I am doing Colorado because most of my family is from Denver, and I just wanted to learn more about the state. While doing research about my state I learned a lot so I am excited to go tell my relatives what I learned. I learned the big things about Colorado, landmarks, state symbols, etc. So if you want to learn about Colorado, this is the paper for you.

Landmarks Colorado is a state of many landmarks, but I will only tell you about one or two. God’s Gardens is one of the more beautiful,and natural landmarks. God’s Gardens became an official “tourist trap” in 1971 and attracted many people. The park is a total of 1,300 acres and is full of hiking trails, …show more content…

Kate was born April 19,1997 in Colorado. What makes her famous? well she is a very successful actress, she has been in lots of movies. She has a very successful career, she previously just came out with an athletic clothing line called “Fabletics”. She is one of my favorite actresses.

State Insect Colorado’s state insect is the Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly. The Hairstreak Butterfly became the state insect in 1996. What color is this butterfly? well it comes in many colors, according to “it comes in blue, purple, black ,and orange”The scientific name for the “Hairstreak butterfly” is Hypaurotis Crysalus. This butterfly is native to the Southwestern part of the U.S. and Northern Mexico.

State Stone Colorado’s state stone is the Aquamarine. “The Aquamarine stone was chosen by the act of general assembly on April 30, 1971” (Ayer). The characteristics of the stone, its light blue and dark green , and very small. Colorado is known for it’s Aquamarine mines. It can be found in many different sizes, it just depends where you …show more content…

It was discovered on Pikes Peak which is in Colorado. When was it discovered? well I couldn't find an exact date but the year was 1862.” It was discovered by a scientist named C.C. Perry”(Ayer).finally it became the state tree on March 7, 1993. State Flower

Colorado’s state flower is the Colorado Blue Columbine. People say it is very delicate, even the lightest touch can damage it. The Colorado Blue Columbine became the state flower on April 4, 1899. They are so precious to Colorado you can’t pick more than 25 a day! Actually it is illegal to pick more than 25.

State Song Colorado’s state song is “Where the Columbines Grow”. The whole song describes what the landscape is in Colorado and all of the wildlife. If you want to learn a little bit about Colorado but don't have time, you should listen to this song. “Where the Columbines Grow” became the state song on May 8, 1915, it was chosen by the act of general assembly” (Ayer). They’re are actually 2 official state songs but “Where the Columbines Grow” is the main state

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