Wyoming-Colorado Border Wars

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Wyoming-Colorado Border Wars Deep in the heart of the American West lie two of the largest, most rugged, beautiful states in the nation, both of which have long been engaged in a heated rivalry. North and South from one another, Wyoming and Colorado have been at a border war since before either even gained statehood. With 97,195 square miles, Wyoming is the 10th largest of all 50 states. While the state is vast in land, it is scarce in population. As of 2005, a mere 509,294 residents inhabit “The Cowboy State” making it the least populated state in the nation (Wyoming facts, demography). Colorado, however, has a population of 4,159,000 according to the 2000 Census. Colorado is the 8th largest state in the nation encompassing 103,598 square miles (Colorado, facts). These “neighbors” however, have had anything but friendly relations. From water rights to football games, the infamous “Border War” has raged for over a century and will not likely cease in the near future. Long before interstates, college sports teams and cross-country travelers divided and merged the two states of Wyoming and Colorado, a natural border acted as a divider between the two. Near Carr, Colorado any traveler venturing down Interstate 25 drives directly through Natural Fort. A very interesting and large rock formation, Natural Fort once acted as a rest stop for travelers between Colorado and Wyoming. As cities in both states grew closer to one another it was closed, however, it still acts as a natural border between the two states. Natural Fort served first as the site of a battle between the Blackfeet and Crow Indians. On November 21, 1834 rival tribes, the Crow and Blackfeet, came across one another. Taking refuge within Natural Fort, the B... ... middle of paper ... ...ns to find balance occur more frequently as time goes on. References The Bronze Boot. Retrieved April 3, 2007, from Wyoming Athletics from http://wyomingathletics.com/trads/bronzeboot.html (October 19, 2005). ROTC Traditions Continue During Border War. Retrieved April 3, 2007, from University of Wyoming from http://uwyo.edu/news/showrelease.asp?id=3101 Gibbard, F. (March, 2005). Wyoming v. Colorado: A "Watershed" Decision. Retrieved April 3, 2007, from The Colorado Lawyer from http://www.cobar.org/tcl/tcl_articles.cfm?ArticleID=4063 U.S. Supreme Court. (1940). State of Wyoming v. State of Colorado (309 U.S. 572 (1940), No. 10) from http://waterplan.state.wy.us/BAG/platte/briefbook/LaramieRiver1922.html Natural Fort, Carr, Colorado. Retrieved April 3, 2007, from Wallpaper Dave's Gift Shop from http://wallpaperdave.com/fort.htm

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