Colorado Springs: A Military Family's Paradise

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Life is colorful and adventurous, especially if you belong to the military life style. Belonging to the military community for nearly two decades has given me a different outlook on each place we end up. Outdoor enthusiasts, like most military families are, make Colorado Springs a desirable duty stationed. The perfect location Colorado Springs has. The weather offers many clear, beautiful days, allowing Colorado Springs to be a playground to enjoy most of the year round. Many points of interest and vacation sights that can be done in or around Colorado Springs make it a favorite in the military community.
Colorado Springs burrowed at the base of Pike Peak, which declares their majesty, as they loom over the city. On the western half of the …show more content…

Military families usually live on post, but Colorado Springs has many little communities with their own walking paths and parks. This entices military families chose to live off post. The little communities are nice to have, but that is only a small attraction to Colorado Springs. Hiking and biking are two very popular past times, along with fishing. These three activities can be done in a number of gorgeous locations. A few favorites within the Springs: Garden of the Gods with its mysterious wonders, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has very enjoyable views and adorable animals, Pikes Peak is especially popular with the military and Seven Falls Park is breathtakingly beautiful. There are a lot of little rivers and lakes to fish from. Much is to be accessible in Colorado Springs, but one of the many appeals is how close to other towns and their points of interest it is. Desirable fishing spots and has a dinosaur museum can be discovered in Woodland Park. A favorite adjoining town for military to go to watch a Denver Bronco game or get wet in the waterpark is the mile high city, Denver. A fairly new Riverwalk and a reservoir that you can swim, boat, and fish makes Pueblo another place military families can enjoy within a short distance of Colorado Springs.
The military is a big contributor to Colorado Springs and its economy. The many ideal and adventurous places

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