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    to set the appropriate level of risk for an investor’s time horizon, financial goals, and tolerance for portfolio volatility. In Cliff’s case, investments are only in the form of stock and bonks. To increase the diversification of the investment, Cliff should acquire some investments with lower risks and different types, for instance, treasury Bills (T-bills). T-bills are short-term securities that mature in one year or less from their issue date, which is the most marketable money market security

  • The Tragic Cliff

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    The Tragic Cliff Everyone needs a place to escape the everyday complications of life. Life has its ups and downs and we all learn to deal with them in different ways. Some people use exercise to release stress while others find places to hide from the stress for short periods of time. I found a place of relaxation hundreds of feet above everyone looking down. Right outside of town there is a cliff that overlooks the downtown area. There I feel as though I am above everyone and nothing could

  • Cliff Jumping Essay

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    Cliff jumping is not as dangerous as it seems. Before I had ever done it I had the notion that cliff jumping was far more petrifying than it actually was. I had let peers and videos keep me away from trying it. Change happens when people stop letting past experiences dictate their future decisions. In the absence of experience, one should not rely on others but be more willing to try new things in order to create a memory that could possibly last them a lifetime. The memories I have and the challenges

  • Jumping Off a Cliff

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    Jumping Off a Cliff As I inched my way toward the cliff, my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I could feel the coldness of the rock beneath my feet when my toes curled around the edge in one last futile attempt at survival. My heart was racing like a trapped bird, desperate to escape. Gazing down the sheer drop, I nearly fainted; my entire life flashed before my eyes. I could hear stones breaking free and fiercely tumbling down the hillside, plummeting into the dark abyss of the forbidding black

  • After Cliff Baxter

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    a) After Cliff Baxter committed suicide, a note was found. In the note to his family he wrote with shame of how he once took great pride in doing the right thing. He wrote that the pride was gone and he felt he could be of no use to his family. He expressed love and asked for his family's forgiveness. I believe the film tried to make Baxter look like the initial voice of morality that was being moulded into the “corporate bad guy”. Baxter committed suicide because he felt as if he was becoming greedy

  • Coral Cliff - Original Writing

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    Coral Cliff - Original Writing It was a cold and windy night. The trees moved vigorously as the wind blew. The silence was frightening. Carol’s face became red because of the cold. She was driving as fast as she could through Elmore street- the longest road in Sydney. Usually people came here if they were in a mood for a long drive, but Carol was going for Julia’s party. Carol had refused to come at first but Julia wouldn’t accept any excuses from anyone since it was her last birthday in

  • The Cuckoos Egg: Cliffs Persistence

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    The Cuckoo's Egg: Cliff's Persistence By Clifford Stoll "The Cuckoo's Egg" is a story of persistence, love for one's work and is just plain funny! The story starts out with Clifford Stoll being "recycled" to a computer analyst/webmaster. Cliff, as he is affectionately called, is a long-haired ex-hippie that works at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. He originally was an astronomer, but since his grant wore out, he became a mainframe master. He was glad that instead of throwing him out into the unemployment

  • Farrah Jawaheel Cliff Research Papers

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    term fiscal cliff appeared. Who actually uttered the words "fiscal cliff" is not clear (Smith). Some believe that it was first used by Goldman Sachs economist, Alec Phillips. Others credit Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for taking the phrase mainstream in his remarks in front of Congress. Others credit Safir Ahmed, a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who in 1989 wrote a story detailing the state's education funding and used the term fiscal cliff (Smith). The fiscal cliff is known as

  • Analysis Of 'Look Back In Anger' By Cliff Lewis

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    Cliff Lewis is from the working class and, according to the stage directions (page 10), he is the same age of Jimmy; physically is short, dark and big boned; and psychologically, he is easy and relaxed almost to lethargy. He is Jimmy and Alison’s friend and he lives with them. His relaxed humor changes only when Alison is going because he does not want to see anyone hurt. He is considered by Jimmy like someone common and uneducated, and Cliff thinks that Jimmy gets on him because of that (he tells

  • Abeng by Michelle Cliff and Mistreated Women of the Carribean

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    she is faced with gender roles. Cliff states that “Clare’s relationship with her father took the form of what she imagined a son would have, if there had been a son” (Cliff 9). When Clare spent time with her grandmother, she usually played with her friend Zoe, but Zoe was not around so she spent time with her cousin Joshua. However, Miss Mattie told Clare that she could not partake in or watch the boys destroy the hog because that is not what girls do. Cliff states, “They (the boys) had the power