The Happy Trail

The Happy Trail

Sometimes people have a certain place to go to think about things. There are people that associate certain places with negative thoughts or feelings. I believe that people should have places to go that make them happy. Even though, there always seem to be places that make us cry and give us a feeling of great depression. Places in nature are very important to people and their ability to relax, to look at the beautiful scenery, and to have peaceful memories of the happier moments of their lives. I try to always associate nature with positive feelings and thoughts, and if it works for me I think everyone should try it. The truth is, I picture nature representing beauty, happiness, and memories.

Nature is a very beautiful thing in this world. Even at times when it seems as if nothing is beautiful. Whenever I go to the Mines of Spain Nature Preserve, in Dubuque, I think of my friend Karl. Walking on the trails reminds me of all the bugs that used to bother us as we journeyed to our special cliff. He used to jump up and down, waving his hands in the air as if his actions were going to make the bugs disappear. Of course the bugs were still there, and I had my laughs for the day! We would walk together on the trail slowly, and watch all the wilderness around us. There are so many trees and bushes, and during the fall there are the greatest colors of leaves imaginable. Occasionally we would see and hear an animal or two climbing the trees of crossing our path ahead. There are a few streams along this path. The water runs slowly and smoothly, even when in runs over the stones that are in the stream. Karl used to jump in and get both of us wet. It didn't matter how mad I got, because after I would l...

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...ming weekend, and at times have thought of way to resolve a fight with a loved one. The scenery and quietness of the cliff would relax just about anyone. Maybe you, my reader, should find a place like this to go to, if you don't have one already.

When I climb the trail leading to my favorite place in nature, I am not only concentrating, but also I think o things such as what I will be doing the next day or week. In some cases I even think of what lies in my future. When I am angry with someone, I go there to try to become a rational thinker, and to try to see the other person's point of view. Once I am up on the cliff, I sit down and let the sun hit me. I take deep breathes and separate my thoughts from my feelings in my mind. It is still very quiet, and now I can hear my breathing in slow, soft rhythms and think about life, death, and happiness.
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