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  • Chromium

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    One of the most controversial supplements on the market is chromium. In the body, its natural functions consist of potentiating the activity of insulin and influencing lipid and protein metabolism. It may also be involved in the formation of glycogen in muscle tissue and facilitate the transport of amino acids to the muscles. Chromium can also affect cholesterol metabolism (Williams, 262). There are different claims to this mineral’s benefits, but the most common ones are muscle building, and fat

  • The Regulation of Chromium at GKN Aerospace

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    known as OSHA. One of the more recent improvements to GKN’s safety and health is the regulation of Chromium. Where GKN uses Chromium, is in their paint booths, clean and prime line, and chemical processing areas. Additionally, chromium is released in areas that sand, grind or drill on primed parts. Many areas have products containing chrome, but do not use them in large quantities. (Chromium will be referred to as Chrome for the remaining of the paper.) GKN uses Chrome in their paints and

  • The Four Types Of Chromium In The Film Erin Brockovich

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    Chromium is the 24th element on the periodic table and was discovered by Nicholas Louis Vauquelin. Since its discovery, scientists uncovered that chromium is available in four common oxidation states meaning there are four types of known chromium including chromium 2, chromium 3, chromium 6 and simple chromium. The film Erin Brockovich explicitly mentions three of the four types of chromium and their impacts on the living environment. The film further goes on to outline the chemistry behind how harmful

  • Does Chromium Picolinate Effectively Aid Weight Loss?

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    Does Chromium Picolinate Effectively Aid Weight Loss? For many years people all over the world have struggled to regulate weight loss and weight gain. Through research and experimentation, doctors can now provide people with methods of doing this. One widely used weight loss product is chromium picolinate. This is the main ingredient in capsules that are designed to reduce appetite and cravings and help convert fat to lean body tissue. Although there is no proven evidence that is one hundred

  • Science Research Paper

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    aluminum, chromium, and zinc) above iron in the electromotive series corrode more readily than iron, their oxides form a tenuous coating that protects the metal from further attack. Rust is brittle and flakes off the surface of the iron, continually exposing a fresh surface. Rusting can be prevented by excluding air and water from the iron surface, e.g., by painting, oiling, or greasing, or by plating the iron with a protective coating of another metal. Metals used for plating include chromium, nickel

  • Paint Essay

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    To start, paint is a substance used to both protect and add color to any given surface. Now don’t be fooled and think paint is made up of one thing, because in reality, paint is actually made from a mixture of substances which form a colloid. A colloid is a mixture of substances where the particles mix and disperse, but do not dissolve. These particles don’t dissolve because they all share a similar charge, whether it be positive or negative, that makes them constantly repel each other. In terms

  • Analysis Of The Movie Moral Development

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    Erin comes across some files related to Donna Jensen and PG & E. Erin got confused after seeing the Donna’s medical report and a letter by PG & E offering her 66,000 USD for her house. She starts to find out by visiting Hinkley and discovers the chromium issue. At this point Erin starts to think about people and enters in the stage 6 of moral development. Erin further investigates and finds important... ... middle of paper ... ...f need as a true family member. Erin soon meets a person named

  • Analysis Of The Movie Erin Brockovich

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    discovers the company is trying to buy land that is contaminated by hexavalent chromium . Erin did her research and interviewed the families and came to the understanding that the chromium is the reason why so many people in this area are sick, either with cancer, nose bleeds, tumors and many more dangerous illnesses. She finds out that PG&E pay for all the medical examinations, and she realises that it’s because of the chromium. Erin, spending most of her time on the case, has no time for her three

  • Lab Experiment On Chromium (III) Complexe

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    Experiment on: Chromium (III) Complexes Objectives The experiment was carried out in order to synthesize cis-disaquabis(oxalato) chromate (III) dihydrate, a substituted complex and potassium tris(oxalato)chromate (III) trihydrate, investigate their properties as coordination complexes and to observe their reactions in aqueous acid, base and salt. Introduction Coordination compounds such as those synthesised in the experiments carried out are composed on ligands and metal centres. The metal centre

  • Ethical Errors in Erin Brokovich

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    practices. However, in this film, even Erin and the law firm contribute with ethical errors on their own part with illegal actions, bribery, and forced guilt. While they eventually win the case, and PG&E is forced to change their use of hexavalent chromium, it comes at a large cost to them and victory for the residents. It shows the costs of unethical behavior, and brings these behaviors to light so viewers can think about them more. Not only would it have been cheaper to make ethical decisions in

  • The Accomplishments of Erin Brockovich

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    Erin Brockovich is an environmental activist and writer who became well known after she won a 330 million-dollar lawsuit against Pacific Gas and Electric in 1996. In 2000 the film Erin Brockovich came out and made her even more recognized. Erin has made many accomplishments in her life. I think the three key accomplishments in her life are overcoming being a single mother of three, winning the lawsuit against Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and becoming and environmental activist. The first key

  • Ethical Issues in film Erin Brockovich

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    issues in the movie Erin Brockovich. This movie is about a mother of three who uncovers a water poisoning case by Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) in southern California. Once it was proved that the company had knowingly dumped hexavalent chromium into the ground water, the utility company was found liable for a $330 million dollar verdict. Erin has the responsibility to feed and educate her three children and she has a general distrust of people. She begins by forcing her lawyer Ed Masry

  • Eric's Case Study: Anigostrongs

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    This episode really impacted me mainly because I do the same thing this individual name Eric does. Eric doesn’t always wash his produce, or maybe washes it improperly. Sure, my mom always told me to wash my produce and what not but come on sometimes I ate strawberries or grapes that are not washed thoroughly. Well Eric did the same thing and almost died. He was in Hawaii, which is the U.S. He caught a rat lungworm, known as Anigostronglyus cantonensis. The Anigostronglyus cantonensis is known as

  • What Are The Stereotypes In Erin Brockovich

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    Erin Brockovich is a feel good movie based on the true life pursuit of justice for the people of Hinkley, California who were being slowly poisoned by contamination to their water supply caused by Pacific Gas and Electric. The movie focuses mainly on the journey of Erin Brockovich a young, single mother of three who is at a low point in her life. At first, she is rarely respected until she discovers the injustices the people of Hinkley are suffering while searching through a box of old case files

  • Stainless Steel Essay

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    used steel alloys which had chromium in them. He then started experimenting with steel that used different chromium values between 6% and ranging all the way up to 15%, with varying amounts of carbon. During these experiments he created a steel that contained 0.24% carbon and 12.8% chromium. He argued that this was the first ever stainless steel. Categories of stainless steel Stainless steel is normally classed as stainless steel if it contains 10% and above chromium. There are some steels that

  • PG & E, Ethics: Ethics And Ethics

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    In this case, we learn PG&E is clearly at fault, which allows us to learn from a number of ethical issues with their business practice. Two examples stand out. First, once PG&E learn that Masry’s law firm is investigating their use of hexavalent chromium, a representative from PG&G is sent to the law firm to attempt to stop the investigation. This representative offers to buy out the Jensen family who has been affected by poor health, and their young daughter, Annabelle, is battling cancer that is

  • Advertisement Analysis Of Advertisement

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    In the subtext of the advertisement, when it mentions that the drink has Chromium, which helps metabolize carbohydrates and fats, it seems to state this as fact, like the drink guarantees that it will boost your metabolism, when really it just says what chromium does. It can’t guarantee that it will help you metabolize anything faster and we have no idea how much chromium is actually in the drink. This is done by the use of the weasel word: help. When the ad says “helps

  • Research Paper On Erin Brockovich

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    when she, along with attorney Edward Masry, tackled a case involving the deliberate negligence of the Pacific Gas & Electric Company that resulted in drinking water contaminated with hexavalent chromium. In Erin Brockovich, the film’s namesake refuses to stay on the sidelines as carcinogenic hexavalent chromium wreaks havoc on the town of Hinkley, California. Brockovich, along with others like her, understand that heroes do not wait for

  • Electroplating

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    is most commonly used to prevent metal from hardening. Silverplating is mainly used on tableware and electric contacts. Goldplating may be found on jewelry and watchcases. Zinc is often used to prevent corrosion of steel objects. A nickel or chromium plating may be found on cars or household appliances (“Electroplating”). Some coating procedures may have begun in early times. Modern electroplating did not start until the early 1800’s. After the invention of the battery at this time period,

  • Engineering of Stainless Steet Tea Kettles

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    boil. Nichrome is commonly the material used in the heating element; it is 80% nickel and 20% chromium and is the ultimate material because of its moderately high resistance and procedures a coating of chromium oxide when it is heated upon first application. Nichrome does not oxidize which prevents it from breaking down or burning. The compound Nichrome is an alloy, made by joining nickel, iron and chromium metals. These metals are good resistors thus making it perfect for this application and for