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Analysis of Bad Ad In the media today, we are easily tricked by advertising. We are manipulated into believing we need to purchase the latest product sold by companies to be happy and achieve high social status. Media uses tools like appeals, claims, fallacies, weasel words, etc. to trick their audience into believing they must have their product. In today’s society, companies are able to pretty much sell consumer’s anything they want, as long as they can convince them they need it. The advertisement I chose to Analyse is for Fuze Shape drinks. The advertisement features an eye-catching picture of a woman’s very toned, naked butt and thigh with the fuze drink package design painted on it. In bold letters, at the bottom of the ad,…show more content…
In the subtext of the advertisement, when it mentions that the drink has Chromium, which helps metabolize carbohydrates and fats, it seems to state this as fact, like the drink guarantees that it will boost your metabolism, when really it just says what chromium does. It can’t guarantee that it will help you metabolize anything faster and we have no idea how much chromium is actually in the drink. This is done by the use of the weasel word: help. When the ad says “helps your body metabolize carbohydrates and fats” it misleads you to thinking it will work 100%, but there is no guarantee that it will make your metabolism any better, it simply states what chromium functions to do. This advertisement also makes it seem like Fuze Shape is the solution to getting a better body shape. This is very unrealistic because it takes a lot more work than a drink to get a nice shape. You really need to eat healthy, eat appropriate portions and be…show more content…
Whether you look at the scientific claims it makes, the weasel words they use, or the implicit message this ad doesn’t guarantee anything about the product. Everything leans to manipulation of the audience to sell this product through clever advertisement. We need to be aware of what real truth in the advertisements we see. We need to know where we feel vulnerable, because that is the exact area where someone will target us and lure us in. As we can see ads may try to use multiple messaging to find our sweet spot. They know it works if it makes them money. Buyer beware- if it looks to good to be true- it usually
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