The Regulation of Chromium at GKN Aerospace

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GKN Aerospace has been a place of employment for me as an electrician for fifteen years. GKN’s business is in the designing and manufacturing of composite and metallic aero structures. These aero structures are then sold to a wide array of companies. Some of GKN’s customers are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus and many others. The aero structures are built and designed for use in military and commercial aircraft, aircraft-engines, guided missiles and space vehicles. GKN Aerospace has been in business for over one hundred years. In that time, not only has the process of the manufacturing changed, but also so has the knowledge and attention of the pollution and contaminants that are produced from said manufacturing.

Some of the pollutants that GKN Aerospace produces stem from the use of solvents, degreasers, spraying of paints, spent fuel exhaust and chemical milling. GKN is aware of these pollutants and has taken steps to reduce the impact these pollutants have on both the environment and their workforce. One of the means they have taken is with the help of the State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Occupational Safety and Health Association, also known as OSHA.

One of the more recent improvements to GKN’s safety and health is the regulation of Chromium. Where GKN uses Chromium, is in their paint booths, clean and prime line, and chemical processing areas. Additionally, chromium is released in areas that sand, grind or drill on primed parts. Many areas have products containing chrome, but do not use them in large quantities.

(Chromium will be referred to as Chrome for the remaining of the paper.)

GKN uses Chrome in their paints and primers because it has excellent anti-corrosive propert...

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...s where large quantities of chrome-containing materials are present, or are applied, will have stricter requirements for personal protective equipment. Those areas will also be restricted to trained, authorized personnel only. For chrome-containing dusts, dust masks are very effective. Employees working in the paint shops, chemical processing or clean and prime area now require respiratory protection. Employees of GKN, working in chrome-regulated areas, have participated in informational meetings and brainstorming sessions. The employees can protect themselves quite effectively by being informed and practicing safe workplace habits.

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