Eric's Case Study: Anigostrongs

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This episode really impacted me mainly because I do the same thing this individual name Eric does. Eric doesn’t always wash his produce, or maybe washes it improperly. Sure, my mom always told me to wash my produce and what not but come on sometimes I ate strawberries or grapes that are not washed thoroughly. Well Eric did the same thing and almost died. He was in Hawaii, which is the U.S. He caught a rat lungworm, known as Anigostronglyus cantonensis. The Anigostronglyus cantonensis is known as the rat lungworm that is spread by rats. However, it can also be carried by snails which is how it often gets on produce due the slime left behind. In Eric’s case this parasite was affecting his nervous system, if the parasite is near the brain it causes eosinophilic meningitis, which is what happened to him. When this occurs, the body produces basophils which are white blood cells and the body freaks out. Leads to inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. This causes huge amount of pain. Severe meningitis can be fatal or cause permanent damage. In Eric’s case he got lucky to be able to survive since he had waited a while before going to the hospital. From what I learned is that it is important to no matter what wash …show more content…

The fleas had jumped on her jacket. The bubonic plague is rare in the United States but still exists in the Midwest areas. It is extremely important to not play with dead animals since they can carry diseases but also make sure when in fields so spray your self with bug spray. The bubonic plague as we know was on of the greats epidemics experienced and killed of so many people. This girl was lucky to have gotten to the hospital in time and have been diagnosed when she had, or she would have died. The bubonic plague attacks the lymph nodes in the human body which is the defense mechanism of the body. Therefore, it is such a fast

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