Business Intelligence

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  • Business Intelligence: The Importance Of Business Intelligence

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    Business Intelligence (BI) It is often describe as “the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes”. Business Intelligence is a technology that are capable of handling a large amounts of undetermined data to help identify, develop and create a new strategic business opportunities. Business Intelligence also encloses a variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enable organizations to gathered data

  • Business Intelligence

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    Introduction The dynamics of our society bring many challenges and opportunities to the business world. Within the last decade, hundreds of jobs have emerged particularly in the technology sector to help keep up with the ever-changing world and to compete on a larger and better scale than the competition. Two key job markets and the basis of this research paper are business intelligence or BI and data mining or DM. These two fields play a very important role in small to large companies and

  • Business Intelligence

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    Business Intelligence for competitive advantage In the beginning, businesses used information technology for automating the processes primarily to reduce labor costs. Subsequently, information technology is used for delivering information with speed and accuracy. Currently, businesses want to use the information effectively for competitive advantage to make better decisions that improve and optimize business processes, predict the market dynamics accurately, optimize forecasts to adequately maintain

  • Technology with the Business Intelligence

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    ABSTARCT-This paper depicts the technology with the business intelligence such as “master data management, benchmarking and BPM” etc. Business intelligence (BI) software is a collection of decision support technologies for the enterprise aimed at enabling knowledge workers such as executives, managers, and analysts to make better and faster decisions. The past two decades have seen explosive growth, both in the number of products and services offered and in the adoption of these technologies by industry

  • Business Intelligence Software

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    Business Intelligence Software As we discuss the possibility of emerging into business intelligence software we must keep in mind the overall purpose of using any type of software is to reach strategic goals in order to increase market shares. I will discuss how business intelligence software will allow us to meet those strategic goals. We will establish what type of information and analysis capabilities will be available once this business intelligence software is implemented. We will discuss

  • The Importance Of Business Intelligence

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    Business intelligence is a concept that has emerged more recently and can be defined as the unification of people, process and technology to drive a business forward (Cates, Gill & Zeituny 2007). It can be further broken down into a process of collecting data, mining the data, turning it into information, which is then used for knowledge to aid in the decision making process (Shollo & Kautz 2010) at the correct time, place and medium (Yeoh & Koronios 2010). A stakeholder is anyone who holds an interest

  • The Power of Business Intelligence

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    As the business environment changes and becomes more complicated, enterprises are under huge stress to respond and be innovative to such conditions. Enterprises decision making needs to quick and strategic and so making such decisions can be very complex. What this report of Business intelligence (BI) will describe is the tools available to manager to support such decisions, the possible benefits and the limitations of BI. (Turban et al., 2011) Turban et al., (2011, p. 28) describes business intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence and Business

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    that I had talked to the people running the contest and informed them of the situation. I think that a person with high emotional intelligence would have handled the situation as I did. A person with medium emotional intelligence would have probably done all of the same things but in more of a (“in your face”) confrontational way. A person with low emotional intelligence would have probably just confronted the person doing the plagiarizing in a violent and confrontational way. We probably all know

  • Business Intelligence and Stakeholders

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    INTRODUCTION Business Intelligence refers to the way in which companies collect and organise raw data, and then transform this raw data into something meaningful. The transformation and analysation of this data is generally achieved throughout the use of software with systems such as SAP or Cognos (Howson, 2010). BI is important as it’s helpful in streamlining and making certain tasks easier within a business setting, overall achieving smoother operations. Whilst this is the general process of BI

  • Technology and Business Intelligence

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    In this technological era, everything has been computerized. Agility and mobility of business has been increasing rapidly over the years. As modern business grows, Business Intelligence (BI) has become an important part in supporting decision-making process in an organization. However, it is not an easy task to implement a BI successfully. It takes time and effort for an organization to be able to come up with a good BI strategy which will be the critical factor for a successful BI implementation