Business Intelligence Systems in the Decision Making Process

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The most common purpose for (BI) systems is to aid in the decision making process. BI systems collect data, store the gathered information in data warehouses, analyze the data and then present the data in easy to understand applications for the decision making process. The following studies research the role that BI systems play in the decision making process. The Role of BI in Decision Making Overview. Isik, Jones, and Sidorova (2013) conducted a study that explored the following research questions “(1) What is the relationship between various BI capabilities and BI success? and (2) What is the influence of the decision environment on the relationship between BI capabilities and BI success?” (p. 13, para. 4). The research model used explored the relationships between BI success, technological BI capabilities (data quality, integration with other systems, user access), organizational BI capabilities (flexibility, risk management support), and decision environment (decision types, information processing needs) (Isik et al., 2013, p. 17). Methodology. The study completed by Isik et al. (2013) was started with a four part survey that included participant demographic information, measurements of BI success, measurements of BI capabilities, and measurements of decision environments. The survey was analyzed by academic experts and adjusted according to their suggestions. A pilot study was then conducted using 24 BI professionals and the results suggested that the survey required no further changes. The final survey was sent to over 3000 mangers that utilized BI systems in their businesses. Of those surveys only 92 were returned and useable for data collection. The data from the pilot study and final survey were combined to prov... ... middle of paper ... ... 2(6), 608-612. Retrieved from doi: 10.7763 or Rutz, D., Nelakanti, T., & Rahman, N. (2012). Practical implications of real time business intelligence. CIT Journal of Computing and Information Technology, 20(4), 257-263. Retrieved from Weber, M. (2013). Keys to Sustainable Self-Service Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence Journal, 18(1), 18-24. Retrieved from Williams, S. (2011, July). 5 Barriers to BI success and how to overcome them. Strategic Finance, 93(1), 27-33. Retrieved from
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