An Overview Of Business Intelligence Technology

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Introduction Business Intelligence allows the decision maker to understand their business and the business environment to make important decisions. The main idea of Business Intelligence is increasing efficiency and turning your data to profit. That process has some turns, which are: 1. Data turns into information, 2. Information turns into knowledge, 3. Knowledge turns into decision, 4. Decision turns into profit. Users of BI The potential user group for BI goes beyond the power users in the IT world to include deans and directors, mid and senior-level managers, key administrators, analysts, staff supervisors... Basically anyone involved with strategic direction and tactical decision-making will benefit from Business Intelligence Benefits of Business Intelligence • Improve operational efficiency, • Eliminate reporting delays, • Find root causes of problems, • Identify opportunities to utilize resources and reduce costs, • Leverage your investment in your data warehouse, • Maximize the effectiveness of your communications. BI Vendors The most common business intelligence tools...