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  • Importance Of Formality In Business Documents

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    As we have mentioned above, formality is one of the main features of business documents. Business correspondence writing belongs to the formal style, therefore words must be formal. These words have the feature of being accurate in meanings and they make business correspondence writing more formal. Formal language rigorously follows Standard English conventions and it tends to avoid personal opinions, feelings, and experiences from private life. It also avoids idiomatic language. This is the most

  • Integrity and the Ethics of Falsifying Business Documents

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    paper’s topic is about how a person’s integrity plays into the decision to falsify information or documents in a business. Employee can experience pressure to falsify business documents; his integrity plays a part in his decision on whether he will falsify the document. The morals of a business pivot on the morals of its employees; this is why an employee’s morals are important to keeping a business alive. The basic core moral question I am discussing is when it comes to integrity is it ever ethically

  • Record Retention Policy

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    •Destroying Records/Documents  Procedures • Shredding documents after their expiration dates  Hard drives are to be stored on a USB drive and then stored in a safe if it contains pertinent information  Once the information has expired according to the company’s policy, the information on the

  • Workplace Bullying History

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    For this project we worked on almost all aspects of it together. Since we both have extremely tight schedules, we were able to accomplish this by using google documents. The work that we did together included both flyers, the interactive tests, the entire powerpoint presentation, searching for a video, the peer review, and the annotated bibliography. We did a couple of things separately, which included individual research for the project, and countless revision sessions. We did these parts separately

  • Describe Factors To Be Considered When Using Office Equipment

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    The purpose of confirming instructions and requirements for business travel and accommodation is to ensure that those travelling know exactly where they need to be, what they need to bring and when they need to be there. This helps to ensure they won’t miss any trains/planes/boats etc. by allowing time for travel. It also ensures that they don’t forget something important like a passport or a document needed for the meeting which could also cause delays and embarrassment. Telling them where they

  • The 1954 CIA Coup in Guatemala

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    The 1954 CIA Coup in Guatemala The 1954 coup that deposed the democratically elected government of Guatemala has long been acknowledged to have been the result of CIA covert action. Recently declassified documents have shown a new, and more sinister light, on the CIA's involvement in an action that gave birth to some of the most brutally dictatorial regimes in modern history. No one at this point will dispute the original involvement, but there are still those who maintain that this is all water

  • Osb Estate File

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    requires the Superintendent to retain the information contained within each estate file for a prescribed period. This digitization procedure enables OSB employees to scan the paper copy of an estate file, upload it to E-filing, and destroy the paper document while ensuring the integrity of the estate file information is maintained. The paper copy of the scanned estate file cannot be destroyed unless this procedure is followed. This procedure applies to all OSB employees. The objective of the digitization

  • Ap European History Dbq- Women

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    home. Men’s egos, as well, did not allow for women to compete with them. Males thought their place was to rule, fight wars, provide income, teach and be the head of his family. Women were not accepted in academics, politics, church leadership, business, or the military. Despite these prejudices, women saw an opportunity in the sciences. As a discipline based on observations and deductive reasoning it did not necessarily require a comprehensive academic background. Since most women were deprived

  • The Importance of Accurate Data Input

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    time and be saved in a secure document. Bank Checks – encoding and routing numbers – because each number is linked the individuals account. There shouldn’t be two identical account numbers this way any confusion. Retail Tags – bar codes- because bar codes can identify the item, price, department, and can also be used to track inventory. Long Documents –Scanned and Photo copied – because it would reduce typing of the same document. For example, a scanned document can be uploaded to the computer

  • History Of The Internet

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    word on the stock market is “E-business.” The Internet has not always been such a key figure in American life; in fact it was mostly unheard of until recently. The theory for the Internet first started being published in 1961 with Leonard Kleinrock’s document on packet-switching theory, “Information Flow in Large Communication Net.” This document presented the theory behind the first problem of the Internet, and how to solve it1. The problem was this: when a large document is sent then pieces of it become

  • Technology is having an impact in the way we publish products

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    long time ago, there have been two main obstacles to overcome. The first is the limited audience that will see the published material, with the second being having to frequently update the documents. Now with the invention of electronic publishing and the Internet, these problems have been solved. Publishing documents electronically on the Internet allows it to be seen by millions of people, and it can be easily updated and posted with a word processor. The on-line publishing craze started as soon as

  • The Importance Of Organizing The Accounting Office

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    Accounting office starts with reducing the paper trail by scanning all documents that come into your office, proper labeling and good documentation. An Accounting office is a busy place, not just during tax season. Because a lot of their work has deadlines and because of the privacy needed for the documents of their clients organization is very important. The three crucial areas of organization should start with scanning documents, having a filing system and proper documentation. Accountants do more

  • History of Trinidad

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    Spanish governor and all but one of his men and all of the priests. This kept people weary of the island and it's people until the end of the 18th century. True colonization was not until the Cedula of Population was established in 1783. This document was designed to draw people of ot...

  • America's Flawed Constitution

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    America's Flawed Constitution Right from the beginning of it’s creation the constitution of the United States has been a shaky document. The very basis for it being there was in fact illegal. The story of American politics starts with the Declaration of Independence. This document was brilliantly written by Thomas Jefferson and compacted all of the great ideas of enlightenment into one short easy to read paper. The declaration stated all of the ideals the new American nation would strive for

  • Tobacco Companies in Our Society

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    Tobacco Companies in Our Society The tobacco industry seems like a beneficial addition to our economy. It has basically been a socially acceptable business in the past because it brings jobs to our people and tax money to the government to redistribute; but consider the cost of tobacco related treatment, mortality and disability- it exceeds the benefit to the producer by two hundred billion dollars US. (4) Tobacco is a very profitable industry determined to grow despite government loss or public

  • Letter to Soldier

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    mother to her son, a soldier in the Confederate Army, proved this point. While this young man was, by that time’s standard, an adult, his mother still felt the need to keep her child safe. Aside from the content and ideas relayed in the letter, the document itself is a powerful item from American in history. Reading about a person or event in history is a good experience; a powerful experience, however, is to hold history in your hand and listen to people in their own words. Discovering the story and

  • Surfing The Internet

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    to organize the Internet so you can find information easier moving threw document to document. Why do I need to know this? Well now that I got threw all the techno-babble, let's get down to it. If you know how to utilize the Net, in just five minutes you could trade information and comments with millions of people all over the world, get a fast answer to any question imaginable on a scientific, computing, technical, business, investment, or any other subject. You could join over 11,000 electronic

  • Ancient Celtic Mythology: A Vision of Gods and Goddesses

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    much analysis. A diverse collection of documents, literature and archaeology pave the way to our understanding of the ancient mythology of the Celts. However, these traces lack a sense of closure, leaving the investigation into the nature of these gods and goddesses raw and incomplete. The evidence of the Celtic deities exists in various forms, but the information that we have collected leaves unanswered questions. For instance, in analysing the recorded documents left behind by the Greeks and Romans

  • Gender Inequality

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    being equal can be traced back to the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence proclaimed that all men are created equal. There was no mention of women being equal, only men. At the time of the drafting of the document, the men had all the power. The document was even drafted by a man. Women were confined to the home to take care of the domestic housekeeping duties. Look no further than the home to see the first sign that men and women are not equal. The traditional role of the man

  • The Important Role of Mathematicians in Society

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    Sundials were used as a method of telling time and keeping track of the days. The most infamous mathematician from this time was Ahmes of papyrus. Ahmes was the author of the Egyptian scribe “The Rhind papyrus”; it is one of the oldest mathematical documents in existence. The Greek Period (600B.C. – 499 A.D.) took mathematics far beyond the realm of counting and measuring time. The Greeks brought a variety of great minds to life, including Thales of Miletus, Archimedes, Apollonius, Euclid, and Democritus